Presidential: Jadot invites to “turn the table” at the largest meeting of ecology

joGreen candidate Yannick Jadot violently assaulted Emmanuel Macron and lobbies on Sunday, inviting them to “knock down the table” 15 days before the first round, during their meeting at the Paris Zenith, the largest in the history of ecology french.

Around 3,500 to 4,000 people gathered around the candidate, surpassing Daniel Cohn-Bendit’s record at the 2009 European Championships (2,500 people) at the same venue.

The goal was to “make numbers” for a party that does not have a militant culture of large concentrations. The candidate has also so far been content with public meetings, often outdoors.

“It’s important to show that we’re here too. It’s not just the far right that is mobilizing,” Maxine Mai, a 20-year-old political science student who came to the Zenith, told AFP. during the Reconquest. candidate Eric Zemmour was holding a meeting at the same time at the Trocadero.

“Tomorrow is ours. And tomorrow, not in five years, we will have to take our lives back into our own hands. So defy the odds, obsolete labels, silence the guardians of the old world,” he said. Yannick Jadot. Accredited with about 6% of voting intentions, and whose campaign never really came out, despite French climate concerns.

“We were still hoping to do a little more” in this campaign, acknowledged Isabelle Catrain, a 53-year-old activist who “still believes in it for 15 years.”

Yannick Jadot, who symbolically arrived at the meeting by bicycle, called on young people, often abstaining, to join him: “Young people of France, break into this vote, come and shake us,” he urged. .

There are “two weeks left to lift the smokescreens,” he said, urging “to oppose Jadot and Macron” in the second round, because “it is the survival of our humanity that is at stake today.”

After a moment of excitement, when a Ukrainian woman talked about her country’s attack on Russia and then sang the Ukrainian national anthem, the meeting wanted to be more festive with a short questionnaire for activists and musical capsules, which made it possible to see especially the candidate dancing with Ärsenik’s rappers.

“To sell dreams?”

In the presence of a “reunited environmentalist family” that brings together its former competitors in the primaries, including Sandrine Rousseau, still expelled from the campaign, many elected officials and former presidential candidates, Dominique Voynet, Eva Joly and Noël Mamère (José Bové being absent for covid), Yannick Jadot addressed the balance of Emmanuel Macron and the power of lobbies.

“In 2017, many French people, especially from the left, were thought to have chosen Mendès-France or Rocard. They had the arrogance of Giscard and the brutality of Sarkozy,” he said, urging voters to “liberate our Republic from the interference of the lobbies with whom and for whom Emmanuel Macron ruled for five years ”.

“Out of the lobbies” of pesticides, industrial agriculture, for-profit Ehpads, carmakers, hunters, “said the candidate who once again denounced TotalEnergies, which” must now leave Ukraine. “

“Should we sell dreams and say things that are a little false and sinking?” Asked Bonaventure Palomino, a 49-year-old engineer. “Yannick Jadot has a reasonable campaign” that “does not correspond to the world of the presidential election,” he lamented.

The one who has often been accused of being too soft defended himself: “I’m sorry I wouldn’t shout loud enough to make myself heard. It’s because I want to address the intelligence of women and men, not their instincts.” He said.

The candidate has criticized “the mirage of a vote + useful + or + effective + on the left”, in favor of the rebel candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in a meeting at the same time in Marseille. “We do not vote by forgetting ambiguities in the face of conspirators in the health crisis, by forgetting support for Russian intervention in Syria and ambiguous contortions in Ukraine. We do not vote for those who refuse to call a dictator a dictator.” “He said.

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