Sand rains are becoming more frequent and leaving a thick veil of dust on our cars. Avoid these mistakes when cleaning your car.

Recently, sandstorms coming directly from the Sahara have fallen on France. A phenomenon that has been making motorcyclists moan ever since car accident and are difficult to clean without scratching. We take stock of mistakes to avoid washing your car effectively, without damaging it.

Washing your car after a shower of sand: how to avoid scratches?

me ‘grainy appearance of this exceptional rain can leave traces on the body. By vigorously scrubbing the surface, scratches form and become difficult to remove. Thus, we avoid at all costs the automatic washing which, along with the rollers, could damage the car. The sponge it should also be banned for its abrasive side. Therefore, we prefer to use a Jet ski relatively powerful to remove dust. However, remember to keep a certain distance so that water pressure does not damage the car.

Washing the car after a rain of sand: some precautions to take

He sand showers they are becoming more common. In question, the depressions that are getting closer and closer to the Sahara desert. That is why it is recommended to follow the weather forecast andwait for the bad weather to end before cleaning the car. This will save you from repeating household chores. As soon as the washing takes place, we polish the outside but also the inside of the car leads in a clean and healthy environment.


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