a new profession to accompany the transition to electricity

More than ever, cars, including electric cars in particular, are equipped with devices that can take time to discover and adapt. One of the features of BMW Product Genius is to help you get the most out of them.

For an unusual function, it may be necessary to present an atypical profile. This is the case of Guillaume Maréchal, whom we met at Ouest Motors, BMW and Mini dealership in Langueux, near Saint-Brieuc. If he followed BMW’s sales school, Product Genius also made a move to Renault, only to sell a few Zoe, among others.

He set up on his own for a while, creating promotional videos. Here it is now in a welcoming and educational function appreciated by both customers and their sales colleagues.

About ten years ago, BMW wanted all dealers to have a genius product. Currently, approximately 90% of them have this active position. In the absence of clients, I perform administrative, logistical or preparatory tasks. To alleviate the workshop, I can also take care of issues that I find easy to solve, such as setup issues “, Says our interlocutor.

Welcome and find out

I welcome customers and introduce them to thermal and electric cars, explaining the systems they carry. This means that I am familiar with all the models in the BMW catalog, including the level of control operating systems that can be very different from one vehicle to another. I first have to convince myself of the products to convince myself “says Guillaume Maréchal.

Right now, for example, I’m using a BMW i3 for several days. This allows me to place myself in the daily life of the customers who will buy one. So I have to deal with the autonomy of this urban electric car and look for charging solutions “, illustrates.” Sellers already have a bit to absorb. So the options available, the compatibility between them, the financing offers. I save them time by freeing them from technological knowledge. I receive all customers in the same way, whether they are interested in new or used models “, explain.

BMW dealers in Saint-Brieuc

Greater interest in electric vehicles

BMW cars have more and more systems on board. Some, without being complicated, go almost unnoticed. In thermal models, the small air fins on the front remain closed while the engine warms up. Then they open, even before the fan enters “, Puts Guillaume Maréchal as an example.

With rising fuel prices, we are receiving more and more requests for electric models. Here are the ways to recharge your batteries “, he proposes.

I also explain the point system that is achieved by driving in low emission areas with a plug-in electric or hybrid BMW. In the latter, the GPS recognizes these zones and automatically switches to electric mode if the battery capacity is sufficient. The points, on request, are converted into cash to pay for the next top-ups through BMW Charging. Even in terminals installed by local authorities “He tells us.

To advise

I adapt my speech according to the needs of the clients, spending more or less time with them. Sometimes I accompany them when they have a doubt before buying a model. For example, this customer who wanted to order a BMW X3 but had to go through a construction site with a very muddy road “, reports Guillaume Maréchal.

Sometimes a salesperson helps me to properly determine the needs of motorists coming to the dealership. I have a less commercial approach, which I also maintain when I move around companies. I have a kind of brand ambassador paper “, he says.

I explain to customers that not only do they have a 4-wheeled car in front of them, they also have intelligence for safety and to consume less. All this while preserving the pleasure of driving. I want to bring these bikers to the “wow!” Effect. “, he is excited.

BMW dealers in Saint-Brieuc

Road tests

Doing an essay with clients allows me to go further in my explanations. For the first 2 kilometers I drive to present the basics of using the vehicle. I drive quietly so that the prospects, out of mimicry, do the same afterwards “, Emphasizes Guillaume Maréchal.

When they are the ones driving, I don’t give too many explanations for them to concentrate well on the road. If it’s a couple, I sit in the back “, he says.

The test of an electric car follows a route that I have predefined in GPS. Leaving the concession, we go to the 50 kW terminal installed in Trégueux, rue du Mitan, by SDE 22. I teach how to recharge the batteries with the BMW charging badge. Then we take the ring road, then a steep climb in 4 lanes that allows us to appreciate the performance of the engine. On the descent, I explain the regeneration device. And we end up with a part of the village in Brézillet “, details.

Requests for electrical models

We are seeing a lot of queries about the BMW i3. We’ve sold a few copies since it became available. Then there is the great interest in the attractive BMW iX. On the other hand, we haven’t posted any yet. In this range, our customers will prefer the X5 hybrid. Although it has not yet been launched, we have already received 4 orders for the i4 road car. The iX3 is also very popular because it combines autonomy, practicality and performance. », List Guillaume Maréchal.

If a customer wants to buy a model that I presented to them, I put it in the hands of a seller. For me, though, it’s not over. I am also present at the delivery of the vehicle. I make a delivery, as complete as possible. Sometimes it could take more than 2 hours. That’s why I offer customers to come back as many times as they want. “, explain.

BMW dealers in Saint-Brieuc

Satisfied customers

For our customers, I sign up for BMW Charging, which is free for the first year. Then there is the My BMW service, which allows you to manage the vehicle remotely with a mobile phone. This makes it possible to follow the recharge level and activate the air conditioning or heating to have a pleasant temperature at the time of departure. “says Guillaume Maréchal.

Customers are very grateful for my presence. Especially because I intervene when they develop their gift, with a complicity already installed during the initial reception “, he rejoices.

BMW dealers in Saint-Brieuc

The faithful of the establishment discover with me new things that we had not yet explained to them. For newcomers, I am an added value. They feel like we won’t let them lose like that “He says.

Since I arrived at the dealership, the delivery quality indicator has gone from 60 to 82-83%. I’m not the only one responsible. It’s a real team effort “, share.

A few words about the builder …

BMW has evolved a lot in electric vehicles. In particular in terms of recyclability it can reach up to 98%. IX rugs, for example, are made from recycled fishing nets. The batteries of the new models are made up of interchangeable cells that can be replaced in case of problems. “, begs Guillaume Maréchal.

The impact of CO2 on factory activity is becoming less and less severe on the environment. The heat from the chimneys is recovered to feed various systems “, keep on.

However, the manufacturer wants to maintain the production lines of thermal models. It is strategic. Not all rolling stock will necessarily be electric “He confides in us.

… and to the dealer

What’s surprising when you arrive at Langueux’s Ouest Motors dealership is that there are cars everywhere. Including on the exterior sidewalks of the garage enclosure. This is a sign that the site is saturated.

In mid-April we will move the dealership to larger, more modern premises. It will have an area reserved for interventions in electric vehicles “, says Guillaume Maréchal.

Another indicator that the establishment is very active in the field of electromobility: an almost incessant i3 ball during our visit. There are also 3 to welcome guests in front of one of the entrances.

Electricity appears to be sustainable, and cities will soon reject thermal power in certain areas such as SPAs. All manufacturers are doing this. For motorcyclists, it is also a new understanding of driving and the road. That’s why some opt for the plug-in hybrid, to focus on electromobility “, concludes the Product Genius.

BMW dealers in Saint-Brieuc

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Guillaume Maréchal for his welcome and availability. We asked him for an interview on the occasion of the first electric vehicle show in Côtes-d’Armor.

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