8 Secrets Hidden in Franchise Games

GTA players have discovered hidden secrets and Easter eggs in the Rockstar Games franchise. Here are 8 of the biggest secrets of Grand Theft Auto games.

Awaiting the release of GTA 6, which has finally been officially confirmed by Rockstar after many years, gamers have no choice but to continue exploring previous releases of the franchise. The open worlds of Grand Theft Auto games they’re big enough to make discoveries, whether it’s a hidden message from developers or the legendary Bigfoot.

Grand Theft Auto V – Credit: Rockstar Games

Players share their findings on Reddit and some of them are real nuggets. There are funny easter eggs, interesting game mechanics, hidden messages and even TV series references. here it is 8 of the great secrets of Grand Theft Autoall titles together.

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1. The Lost Series Hatch

The player “LordIronVader” has been discovered. the hatch of the television series Lost at the bottom of the ocean at GTA V. He couldn’t get close, but still noticed that the light was blinking. This reference to the famous series suggests that Desmond David Hume is still alive.

2. A hidden message from the developers

At Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the “batmanexiled” player wanted to take a look at the top of the bridge leading out of town. When he thought he would find a secret by going with a jetpack, he discovered a plate with a funny message from the developers. ” There are no Easter eggs here. gone”we can read at the top of the bridge.

3. Little Big

The legendary Bigfoot exists in Grand Theft Auto and you can even play like him. Player “PapaXan” has discovered that it is possible Transform Bigfoot into GTA Online. To achieve this, you need to eat a peyote, a kind of small cactus, between 3 and 8 in the morning when there is fog at the foot of Mount Chiliad. ” You cannot drive or enter buildings, but you can swim, use weapons / ammunition and wreak havoc without being disturbed. “, he specified.

4. The whale skeleton

In GTA V, the player “H4ckerxx44” discovered a gigantic whale skeleton in the middle of the ocean. ” It baffled me that I found it where I found it “In fact, with this discovery, one wonders what Rockstar Games might have hidden in the depths.

5. A realistic robbery

Another GTA V discovery concerns armed robberies. Player “felixramminger” noticed not all merchants react the same way to thefts. ” If you steal a store with a gun without ammunition, the owner will not notice that you are without ammunition until you pull the trigger. “When the shopkeeper notices that you have no ammunition, he pulls out a pistol and shoots you in self-defense. This adds a degree of realism to Grand Theft Auto’s robberies.

6. Flying saucers

Grand Theft Auto don’t forget fans of science fiction and more particularly UFOs. In fact, several UFOs are hidden in GTA V. According to the player “bluntsarebest”, ” you can see UFOs in 3 different locations: one on the Sandy Shores hippie camp, another advanced floating above the military base, and another on Chiliad that looks like a hologram and only appears at 3 a.m. in the rain. “.

7. A secret bank vault

Player “u / Nauticalbob” has been discovered. a secret bank box at GTA Online. Developers have made sure to make this dock even more realistic than the others. Depending on the player, nothing seemed interactive, but there are security cameras that can be knocked down, lots of computers, keyboards / security points and an elevator that seems to go up and down from the level of the vault. “.

8. Helicopter prevention message

Player “1moe7” has discovered what he considers to be his Easter egg GTA IV favorite. Inside Brucie Kibbutz’s helicopter contains a warning message for passengers. ” This helicopter could crash, but we don’t care if you look at the flight manual for help “.

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