Moncef-Bey Animal Market: In the realm of dogs, man is king

On Sunday mornings, in sunny and spring weather, the intersection of Houcine-Bouzaïène and Ahmed-Ayed streets on the southern outskirts of Tunis is always full. We are at the same level in the weekly animal market of Moncef-Bey, more specifically in the dog market. Indeed, all this human tide is made up of enthusiasts and dog lovers.

This breed sells all breeds of dogs, mainly guard dogs. There’s the handsome German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois, the Werewolf, the Labrador, the Long-Haired Shepherd, the Rottwiller, the French Mastiff, the English Doberman. They also sell pets and cats, such as poodle, American stav, Turkish cat, Siamese. There are even hunting dogs, such as the slougui, the dalmata and others …

For Imed, a 23-year-old student in love with dogs and in particular the German Shepherd, the walk through the souk is a pleasure; he often goes to this place to look for a puppy for 100 or 150 dinars. He then takes care of and oversees his training. As soon as it grows after 6 or 7 months, it takes it back to the souk to resell it for the “battery” of 1,200 to 1,500 D. It’s a lucrative business, you say?

According to Imed, the German Shepherd is the most valued dog. Their training requires a lot of patience and perseverance. He is a loyal dog who is both a beautiful dog and a pet, especially because he has a beautiful presence.

Train and tame

Hamda, another salesman, goes to this souk every Sunday to exhibit his Black Labradors for sale. The current price of a well-trained adult male Labrador is negotiated from 600 dinars.

Am Laâroussi, another dog fanatic, owns a truck that is usually parked in the middle of Ahmed-Ayed Street. He exhibits his various dogs and puppies in this truck, he also sells the American Stav.

He tells us that he himself is in charge of raising his animals on his farm in Oued Ellil: he also proudly tells us that he took advantage of the confinement period (after Covid-19) to take care of the training. of their puppies, an arduous job that requires a lot of patience and above all perseverance. Similarly, this trader tells us that a A long-haired shepherd or a healthy Doberman is the best watchdog and the best “anti-theft” companion for any chalet owner. Am Laâroussi’s dogs are well trained and domesticated. They are restless and prepared for custody. For this reason, its price is quite high and ranges between 3 and 5 thousand dinars per animal.

One of the guard dog fans tells us that he owns a well-trained Doberman or wolf dog in a chalet it guarantees the security of the premises. “For the guard, it is better to own a loyal breed dog than to equip your home with all kinds of alarm systems, because any technical or electronic device is subject to failures, while the service provided by a guard animal remains infallible. ” .

Food, accessories and accommodation

Not far from Am Laâroussi’s vehicle, another truck is consciously parked at the end of the street; its owner sells animal feed, particularly dog ​​food, in the form of minced meat and bone meal envelopes. Goods are labeled at 1,500 per kg.

Behind this van, in a well-fixed hut on the ground, are all kinds of accessories for dogs and companion cats, as well as kennels of different sizes for guard dogs. Next to this hut, two cute slougi are guarding the place, its owner, Mourad, has come from Kébili to exhibit his dogs for sale. He doesn’t rush words when he praises his cute predators, real local dogs. Mourad is forced to lower prices to find a buyer; he complains about the attitude of some potential customers: “They are curious that they come here to get an idea of ​​the prices, to walk and spend time helping the sun.” Coming from Kram, another dog lover came to the souk to sell his mastiff dog with flat nose. This gentleman, about forty years old, reveals to us, not without shame, that he is forced to get rid of his animal because his wife has just become pregnant and is afraid of the phenomenon of contagion!

juicy trade

Néjib, a young schoolboy, came to this place to sell his grayish-white female poodle. He is willing to sell it for 70 dinars because he needs the money. Among the curious, a lady approaches Néjib and looks at the animal, she seems interested. Néjib takes the opportunity to convince his client by confirming that his poodle is well trained and willing to make concessions on the price. Eventually, this small animal was sold for 60 dinars. Néjib tells us later that the dog trade is profitable. He claims that the female of a pair of mastiff or rottweiller can give birth to eight to ten puppies and that this breed of dog is highly valued. The price of a purebred puppy ranges from 250 to 350 DT. A well-trained Doberman can easily reach one thousand five hundred dinars.

Thus, the love for the animal, the desire, the passion, the training and the craft abound tirelessly in this Sunday market. Who better!

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