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First flight from Brussels on Monday, March 28, 2022, around 7 p.m. (© Frederic Labroue)

At the price of a contract set at 4.50 million euros per year, theBrive-Dordogne Valley Airport (BVD) just signed the renewal of the Brive-Paris link. After the whims of Covid and sound finances, Julien Bounie, President of the Joint Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne Airport (BVD) and the Operations Authorityhe is excited about the future, with many projects and a great ambition to take the structure to a new level.

Three daily rotations with Paris-Orly

The Public Service Obligation (PSO) is re-signed for 4 years. For now, limited to two rotations from January, Paris Orly passengers will return to their three daily rotations from March 28th. The effects of the COVID variant will fade. But at what price! The previous contract had been signed for four years for 2.5 million euros a year: the concession is renewed until 2026 with an inflation of the entrance ticket of 78%, which raises the economic commitment to 4, € 50 million a year! Is it the Regourd Aviation group that became Amelia in 2019? in homage to the American aviator Amélia Earhart, which operates on behalf of Air France and manages the Paris connection, such as Ajaccio.

Other destinations: Porto, London

Other common destinations, Porto and London, are served by Ryanair: the year-round Portuguese connection with a rotation of two weekly flights, Monday and Friday; London Stansted, also twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays but from late March to late October.

Budget of 10 million euros, sound finances

Julien Bounie admits to having to cut spending to fund these additional two million annually. With a steady budget and despite “sound finances” according to the president of the management union, certain expenses have been intelligently reduced. For example, the obligation to fill works at the end of the road estimated at € 800,000 is reduced to € 260,000 thanks to the use of cubic meters of land from the disbursement of the extended car park.

The financing of the operation of the airport is assured 40% by the agglomeration of Brive-la-Gaillarde, in equal parts of 25% by the region of New Aquitaine and the department of Corrèze. The remaining 10% is provided by the department of Lot, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Lot and Corrèze, the town of Terrasson-Lavilledieu since its inception and Cauvaldor (Community of the Causses and Dordogne Valley based in … Souillac). ).

Target: 100,000 passengers per year

Opened in 2010, Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne Airport was first named Brive-Souillac. Located on a fog-free plateau in the towns of Nespouls and Cressensac, this 200-hectare open space was to meet the planned development of air traffic. The project led by the mayors of Brive and Souillac in the 1980s, scheduled for 2006, was finally inaugurated after the death of the elected Lotois, Alain Chastagnol. At the time, estimates put it at 100,000 passengers a year. In fact, 95,000 people passed through the airport in 2019.

But a shutdown with COVID, 26,000 passengers in 2020 and 45,000 in 2021. And yet, the estimates of 100,000 people by 2022 are realistic, except for a new health crisis.

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The regular connection with Paris should exhaust half of the planned traffic, Porto 35,000 people, London 17,000 and Ajaccio 1,500 passengers. The private aviation mentioned in 2021 will be minimal to contribute to the expected development with one private jet a day. Recreational aviation reaches its limits with 40 site-based aircraft. And the transport? Non-existent.

Julien Bounie, profile

Julien Bounie is passionate about vintage car rallies. He participated in the Car Tour five times, from 2011 to 2019. As with his passion, his duties as chairman of the Joint Syndicate of Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne Airport (BVD) and the Régie d’exploitation they require more only speed, accuracy and composure in driving, to avoid getting off the road. Fortunately, this affordable and smiling quarantine has not been missing since its arrival at the helm of Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne Airport in the autumn of 2020.

Julien Bounie
Julien Bounie, President of the Joint Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne Airport (BVD) and the Operations Authority (© Frederic Labroue)

Aircraft maintenance company

It remains to attract companies and finally launch this area of ​​activity that would also create more jobs. The most difficult thing is that the first firm recognizes Julien Bounie: it is done with an aircraft maintenance company that will be operational in early 2023. The establishments must follow one another, in the 11 hectares dedicated to this economic zone. Quickly accessible from the A20 motorway.

Julien Bounie expects more economic benefits thanks to the new destination launched from March 28: Brussels-Charleroi. Provided by Ryanair, the price will be attractive. A study estimated the number of Belgian second homes in the Brive basin and north of the Lot at 1,250. Traffic on this scheduled link from late March to late October is expected to be between London and Porto, according to the airport’s president. An added bonus, Charleroi Belgian Airport, which will host Wednesday and Saturday rotations, is just 45 minutes from Lille. As the TGV Brive-Lille link no longer exists and does not adapt well to this need for fast travel for a short stay or a business trip, the potential of 1.2 million inhabitants of the fourth metropolis Larger French is easily accessible.

There is no doubt that the press conference that will take place on the arrival of the first flight from Brussels on Monday 28 March at around 7 pm will arouse great journalistic interest. Because the Corrèze platform has become sexy: three other destinations are being discussed, Italy, Germany and Spain. At fairs, tour operators, previously difficult to convince, would be much more likely to woo the Corrèze platform.

Because passenger habits after COVID have changed: look for smaller airports, which offer less waiting time, personalized reception and a reduction in health risk due to a less dense influx. Willingness to leave at the last minute is also taken into account. Not to mention, of course, the attractive prices of these connections that are offered on a regular basis or in the form of seasonal destinations. Additional services, such as free parking for holiday flights, help to outperform your regional peers in the race for seduction.

Introduce the airport … through a book fair

Julien Bounie has no shortage of innovative ideas with this amazing initiative: using the airport lounge as the setting for a book fair for 2,000 schoolchildren; this operation, which has the support of National Education, will make writers go to schools before meeting at the weekend for a book fair at the airport: it will be the Saturday 14 May. Of the 50 school teachers in the Brive Basin who attended the presentation of the event, only 7 had already visited the site.

Innovating, introducing ourselves in a different way, adapting to new passenger behaviors, these are the key words for future years for travel dreams to become dream trips.

Destinations that make you dream …

Will we see a Brive-Porto again this year from € 4? Julien Bounie wants it because he has made the democratization of air transportation one of his priorities. So, you can go to Croatia in May: from 2 to 9, or to Crete from 14 to 21. In June, you can choose between the island of Madeira from 16 to 23 and the Balearic Islands in Mallorca from 20 to 27 After the summer, Jordan is waiting for you from September 21 to 28 and Egypt from October 22 to 29. Information at travel agencies or at the airport website.
Because if the president of Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne recognizes that this holiday flight program (we no longer say charter) only carries a small part of the annual traffic, about 1200 passengers, the desire to escape after the COVID of our contemporaries will be like this. is fulfilled.
On the other hand, the Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne destination offers many advantages: rural tourism has begun a remarkable comeback in 2021 and our elected officials are fully aware of it. Raphaël Daubet, president of Cauvaldor and mayor of Martel, headlined the editorial board of the Commonwealth magazine earlier this year: “Tourism is essential to our economy”, also indicating that tourism was part of the future . the rural world, offering great fields of research and innovation. A member of the joint union and the board that manages the airport, the elected Lotois, of the same generation as Julien Bounie, is in the same line of development of his territory.


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