Drowning, emergency car, best institutes … news of the week in Seine-et-Marne

Many divers were sent to find the missing baby in the Seine in Champagne-sur-Seine. (© Rep 77)

Did you have a busy week and absolutely no time to read local news from your department? Don’t panic, we have a summary of the most important information.

Here is a summary of the information for the week in Seine-et-Marne:

Monday, March 21st

Why did this school suddenly close on Monday morning?
On Monday, March 21, 2022, in Moussy-le-Neuf (Seine-et-Marne), the mayor decided to close the school “for security reasons” because the travelers had settled in front of the school .

Faced with rising fuel prices, they are trying to find solutions
For several weeks now, fuel prices have been rising steadily and have literally exploded since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Villeneuve-le-Comte: senior cyclists take Théo Curin and Ugo de Koh Lanta on a walk
Paralympic swimmer Théo Curin defends the values ​​of sport in his web series All Heroes. On March 14, 2022 he came to ride in Villeneuve-le-Comte, with the senior cyclists!

Works on the street, new roundabout: what changes are approaching Melun?
In 2022, almost 7 million euros will be invested in the renovation of the streets of Melun, not including studies for future developments. Game state.

Tuesday, March 22nd

Chessy: Disneyland Paris reveals future Disney Village transformations
Disneyland Paris will be redesigning its Village for its 30th anniversary. This complex, which houses a cinema, restaurants and shops, will begin its transformation in late 2022 with Café Mickey.

The mayor’s anger over the accidental death of a 19-year-old
Jean-François Guimard has been drawing attention to the danger of the junction between RD 58 and RD225 for years and calls for the creation of a roundabout.

This Meaux lawyer creates a tool to support victims of domestic violence
A victim of a toxic relationship in the past, this lawyer decided to create Safe Wife, a digital tool to support women living with a violent spouse.

He calls police witnesses after the serious collision on the D 216
The traffic accident on D 216 on Saturday 19 March left two people seriously injured. Police are calling for witnesses.

Wednesday, March 23

Serris: used the card of a dead disabled person to park
120 fines and court proceedings, this is the result of the police operation to combat the improper occupation of places reserved for people with disabilities carried out in Serris.

Find out if your school is among the best in Seine-et-Marne
The National Education has just published the results of the institutes of Seine-et-Marne. High school success rate, mention and ability to go to high school, the indicators are numerous.

The violent display of a teenager filmed for social media
A 14-year-old boy was beaten and robbed in Combs-la-Ville. The scene was filmed and posted on social media. Five suspects were arrested.

Only 6 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants in Seine-et-Marne
The level of medical care is far from improving in Seine-et-Marne, while Ile-de-France is at the forefront of the worst regions in terms of doctors.

Thursday, March 24th

Val d’Europe: more and more jobs to fill in 2022
Since the end of 2021, the Pôle Emploi de Chessy has been filled with offers in 2022. Advisors hope to benefit the long-term unemployed, the young and the elderly.

Seine and Marne. Why did two Army helicopters fly over the Brie?
On Wednesday, March 23, 2022, two army helicopters were seen in Nangis. They made several hovering flights over the city of Briard.

The Cercle de la Vap opens its first store in Ile-de-France
A new business has been opened in Saint-Germain-sur-Morin (Seine-et-Marne). Organized by two childhood friends, it aims to support smokers who want to quit smoking

A crazy car crashes into the emergency room of Provins Hospital
A motorcyclist crashed into the emergency room of Provins Hospital. The incident caused four minor injuries.

Friday, March 25th

Tetiana, a Ukrainian refugee, declares that “nothing should be forgotten”
Tetiana joined her family in Seine-et-Marne in early March 2022. After leaving Kyiv (kiiv) for Ukraine, she explains a brutal uprooting while showing great resistance.

Two children and their mother fall into the Seine, a baby in serious condition
A 10-month-old baby is in serious condition after falling into the Seine this Friday morning in Champagne-sur-Seine. Two high school students rescued them by throwing themselves into the water.

Avon-Fontainebleau. They assault a woman and snatch her diamond watch
A woman was assaulted at Fontainebleau-Avon station. They ripped off his watch worth 12,000 euros.

Saturday March 26th

5 reasons to dive into the hell of the trenches with the Museum of the Great War of Meaux
The new exhibition at the Pays de Meaux Museum of the Great War focuses on a key element of this conflict: the trenches. Between false beliefs and sinking into hell.

Fontainebleau Forest. Two new cisterns in the forest to fight fires
To fight fires in remote parts of the forest, two new cisterns have just been buried in the massif.

Sunday, March 27th

These women who ruled Chelles in the Middle Ages
Chelles was in the Middle Ages a town attached to a large abbey of which only a few parts remain. The nuns reigned in the vicinity.

A motorcyclist cuts the road of a motorcyclist on the D 603
The accident with a car and a motorcycle occurred on the D 603 in Sammeron.

Why was this tram installed in a forest?
Jean-Luc Bergé, a resident of Bois-le-Roi, did some historical research on a tram car, strangely installed in a private forest.

Melun. Rue Claude-Bernard merchants erect a wall of concrete blocks
Police intervened again on Claude-Bernard Street, when traders had just erected a wall of breeze blocks.

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