Contribute to the regional economic strategy 2022-2028

The #LEADER 2017-2021 economic strategy, which aims to make the Île de France one of the most dynamic, competitive and attractive regions in the world, is coming to an end.

The Île-de-France Region is inaugurated today a great query define the outlines of the new Regional Plan for Economic Development, Innovation and Internationalization (SRDEII) 2022-2028.

You have until December 20, 2021 to participate.

I participate in the consultation

Pursue the ambition and drive of the previous strategic plan

The #LEADER 2017-2021 strategy was articulated around 4 axes:

  • Invest on the attraction of Île-de-France,
  • To strengthen Competitiveness Ile-de-France,
  • To develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in all territories,
  • Act collectively at the service of companies, employment and territories.

It laid the foundations for a solid foundation for regional action, driven by a clear and strong economic ambition. It has also facilitated the implementation of public policies adapted to the themes. The next strategy will aim to continue these efforts, taking into account the new challenges of the current period.

Learning from the health crisis and responding to today’s new challenges

The outbreak of the health crisis linked to Covid-19, which resulted a drop in economic activity in the Ile-de-France by 35%, resulting in the loss of more than 100,000 jobs he left traces. The pandemic has highlighted in particular the heavy dependence on the resulting Ille-de-France economy the relocation of strategic productions.

The entrepreneurial spirit, associated with the resilience and inventiveness of Ile-de-France entrepreneurs, as well as the beneficial effects of cooperation between public and private actors, have shown, however, the values ​​and responsiveness of the Ille-de-France economy.

In the face of a recovery, many challenges remain: competitiveness, industrial sovereignty, social and territorial equality, digital and ecological transitions, and so on. An important challenge for the next strategy will be to target both emergencies and key options on old and new issues.

Establish a vision of the economy for the coming years, in co-construction with all stakeholders

This new strategy for the period 2022-2028 will be based on strengthening and optimizing cooperation with state, economic and territorial actors. It is not a question of establishing the economic strategy of the Region as a community, but that of the Île-de-France for all its economic actors and territories.

Because it is by consulting and mobilizing the collective intelligence that the most appropriate solutions for the Île-de-France will emerge. That is why the Region invites all those who contribute directly or indirectly to the development of the Ille-de-France economy to participate in the elaboration of the next regional economic strategy 2022-2028.

1st quarter 2022 : after the validation of the roadmap by the different bodies involved, approval by the County Council of the new strategy 2022-2028.

Who can participate in this consultation?

  • Institutional actors,
  • Communities,
  • economic actors,
  • The structures of the social and solidarity economy (ESS),
  • Residents of Ile-de-France.

This consultation is open to all those who contribute in one way or another to the economic development of the Ile-de-France region. It is an opportunity to launch a relevant strategy, which takes into account the point of view of each participant to meet the challenges of the economy, employment and business in the Ile-de-France region for the coming years.

What are the topics chosen?

The consultation is done around 5 main topics:

  • To stay an attractive region that knows how to attract and retain its companies and talents,
  • Rebound in the face of the crisis and massively involving our VPE-PIMES and ETIs in the digital and ecological transition, and the amplification of its social impact,
  • Stand up for our industrial and digital sovereignty,
  • To be Europe’s leader in strategic innovations,
  • Cut down social and territorial inequalities.

How to participate in the consultation?

A online platform was created to receive contributions.


  • General information,
  • A consultation questionnaire,
  • A space for contributions / debates,
  • Spaces for discussion / debate on the different topics of the strategy,
  • The possibility of sending proposals in the form of a document.

I participate in the consultation

Some elements of the evaluation of the previous strategy

In 5 years, the #LEADER 2017-2021 strategy has resulted especially:

► Better attractiveness
Ille-de-France is now the 1st metropolis in the European Union and 1st region in the world in R&D investments.

And it ranks among the top 3 cities in the world for the attractiveness of foreign investment.

► More than 10,000 companies collaborated in its development
Of the more than 10,000 assisted companies, almost none 30% industrial companies i 10% of social and solidarity economy companies (ESS). And since the beginning of the health crisis, more than 420,000 companies have been helped with the various exceptional measures of Covid-19.

At the same time the simplification of access to aid for applicants, as well as faster processing times.

► A territorialized vision of economic development
The Region’s efforts have focused on both the support for the establishment and growth of companies throughout the Ile-de-France regionin relation to employment, even in rural areas and working-class neighborhoods.

Like this, 25 job vacancies have been identifiedcovering the whole of the Île-de-France in which joint actions are carried out to simultaneously develop territories, economic actors and job creation.

Île-de-France, a global center of innovation
The territory has more than 30 recognized innovation sites such as the Additive Factory hub in Saclay (91) or the Autonomous Vehicle Testing Center in Linas-Montlhéry (91). But also from large R&D projects such as the quantum supercomputer carried by Bull Atos, or the development of the landing gear of the future with Saffron.

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