what are the candidates’ proposals?

Education is one of the main concerns of the French. This is a key issue, as the economic and intellectual future of the country is at stake.

Among the reform of the school curriculum, the resources allocated to education, the precariousness of students, equal opportunities and the revaluation of the teaching profession, we have listed the measures that each candidate would implement if elected to the presidency of the Republic. Especially the candidates at the head of the polls.

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Emmanuel Macron

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The president-candidate of the Republic on the March (LREM) has announced that it wants to make education one of its two “important projects” with health.
Offered at:

- Reform of the vocational training institute. He wants to do “a voice of excellence based on learning success”. He insists that those who enter a sector must know what they have done to those who have gone through these same sectors. Candidate Emmanuel Macron intends to continue with the withdrawal of training which, according to him, does not allow him to open up to a sustainable job, the professional baccalaureate is affected by too high a failure rate.

- Reintroduce math (and other fundamental teachings) in the common core in high school and in high school tests.

- Proposed “more teacher training so that they can appropriate the best pedagogical innovations”.

- Offer a more individualized follow-up students for homework help.

- Go after increase in teachers’ salaries but this in exchange for additional missions (replacement of absent colleagues for example)

Jean-Luc Melenchon

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon, founder and emblem of the party Insubordinate France (LFI), wants to rebuild a school of equality and emancipation and he wants to continue his struggle against illiteracy.

What it offers:

- Integrate in the national school curricula (mainland France and abroad), the teaching of overseas history.

- To integrate ecology to the curricula and introduce new practical lessons.

- Increase the number of classes for new students and public vocational and agricultural training institutes.

- Configure a monthly autonomy allowance of 1063 euros for all young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who are in vocational training or university and independent of their parents.

- Increase teachers’ salaries by 15% of National Education when he took office and another 15% during the five-year period.

- Extend compulsory schooling to 18 years

- Restore a national public guidance service a dismantling of the Parcoursup platform

- Repeal the institute reform general and technological principles in order not to force students to abandon the essential lessons for their intellectual training and their course

- Reinforce general education in the professional trajectory

- Education for citizenship by allowing them to register on the electoral rolls at the age of 16.

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Marine Le Pen

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Candidate of National Gathering (RN), Marine Le Pen wants, through its measures for education, a machine to assimilate and create the French of tomorrow ».

Offered at:

- Eliminate the reform of the Bac which is “a fiasco.” She wants to restore streams S, ES and Lthe baccalaureate must once again be a national exam.

- Eliminate the ELCO (teaching of languages ​​and cultures of origin) which, according to her, symbolizes an “insult to the culture of assimilation”.

- Reassess the teacher index grid at 3% per annum during his five-year term eliminating “the National Education bureaucracy.”

- Putting it back at the heart of the programs Frenchthe maths i the history.

- Increase the remuneration of apprentices at the same time reducing the cost for companies, thanks to the introduction of a learning check

- Enter video protection in all secondary schools and in particular in the priority education networks to prevent any act of violence from going unpunished on the pretext of lack of evidence.

- Penalty for lack of attendance leading to the suspension of family allowances and scholarships.

- Revalue vocational training. This measure would increase the salaries of apprentices from 200 to 300 euros for students.

Eric Zemmour

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The candidate and founder of the political party Reconquest! to wish ” to revolutionize [l’école] in depth solving its “big problems” and reorienting national education around the essentials:“read, write, count”.

Offered at:

- Restore all three dice (S, L and ES series currently replaced by the 13 specialties) in high school to reintroduce coherent and readable teaching in National Education.

- High school a national examanonymous and terminal to make it more fair and selective.

- Prohibit inclusive writing during primary and secondary education.

- Create classes of excellence literary and scientific in an institute by academy.

- Allowtake Latin and Greek classes in high school and college.

- Suspension of family allowances for parents of absent and disruptive students.

- Create somerehabilitation boarding schools for disruptive students.

- Establish a stricter selection of teachers primary and secondary education: establish more demanding and selective competitions, abolish the INSPE and replace it with a regional ENS.

- Increase in teachers’ salaries award rewards to teaching excellence based on the quality of knowledge transmission assessed by more frequent inspections.

Valerie Pécresse

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The candidate of the political partyThe Republicans aims “Return the basics to the school center” with several changes:

Offered at:

- Reintroduce mathematics in the common core in Première and Terminale to foster scientific vocations.

- Give more freedom schools, institutes and institutes to innovate and carry out their educational projects.

- Reform of the Parcoursup platform with full transparency of the selection criteria.

- Awarding scholarships based on merit for high school graduates who have earned the mention “very well” and for re-evaluating scholarships awarded to students.

- Create a national education reservewith retired teachers and paid students, to offer free tutoring to students.

- Organize external internships of excellence in priority areas of homework, sport and culture.

- Increase in teachers’ salaries at the beginning of their career and for those who accept additional tasks or teach in difficult establishments.

- Guarantee the hiring of 10,000 people to primary and secondary in 5 years.

- Carry out the project “From university to high school” the implementation of a 1st year of distance higher education in rural high schools.

Yannick Jadot

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The candidate of the political party The Greensfounded in 1984, wants to free up more time for practical knowledge : “in nature, culture, sport, manual labor” and return to the reform of the Bac.

Offered at:

- Set up a real one public guidance servicetogether with companies, utilities and local authorities to promotechosen and enlightened orientation.

- Back to high school and high school reform reflecting on the integration of new methods of evaluation-collective work, and allowing the choice of certain subjects according to the preferences.

- Generalize the integration of intervention time by teachers or students of higher education a introduce high school students to their courses and its operation (inverted open doors), as welldive days of higher education students.

- Facilitate reorientations and bridges in the 1st year between secondary and higher education

What the other candidates propose:

About the Bac reform:

Fabien Roussel (Communist Party), Joan Lassalle (We resist!), Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Rise, France!),
Anne Hidalgo (Socialist Party) and Philippe Poutou (New Anti-Capitalist Party) share the will to abolish the Bac reform and return to a national diploma.

In the general institute:

Philippe Poutou he claims to want to establish, in high school, classes that do not exceed 20 students. Joan Lassallefor its part, it wants to limit this number to REP-REP + institutes only.

At Parcoursup:

The socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo as well as
Fabien Roussel (PC) proposes to eliminate the platform for equal access to higher education. Anne Hidalgo wants to strengthen the public guidance service.

On the reintroduction of mathematics into the common core:

Anne Hidalgo and the communist candidate wants to see the return of mathematics to the common core of the institute

In vocational school:

Joan Lassalle wants to promote training and vocational training by developing internships in companies as well as teaching that allows them to discover specific sectors and crafts. Fabien Roussel offers the possibility of taking the Bac pro in 4 years instead of the current 3 years. He says he no longer wants the professional institute to be a default option.

About the increase in teachers’ salaries:

The candidate of Debout la France!Nicolas Dupont-Aignanadvocates a 20% increase in teachers’ salaries as well as the establishment of an additional bonus, also of up to 20%, in exchange for support courses for students in difficulty.

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