victims of a stolen car scam, they lost everything, explanations

It’s an incredible and crazy misfortune that a couple in financial precariousness has just experienced. They bought a vehicle on a platform, thinking they were making a good offer, but it didn’t turn out as planned. They were scammed. Here are all the explanations of this amazing story and affair.

A couple victim of a scam!

It’s a pretty crazy story that a couple just lived in a precarious economic situation.

Indeed, the latter went to a platform well known to the French, which is none other than Le Bon Coin, to buy a car.

A platform that allows many purchases, but is also subject to scams. In fact, this is what this couple, the victim of a scam, has just experienced.

It is on the outskirts of Toulouse, and more precisely in Balma where this story takes place. Karim and Mahdjouba, parents of five children, wanted to buy a car.

So they went to Le Bon Coin but were the victims of a scam. Finding a model that matched their expectations, the couple made the necessary arrangements to receive it. The seller was also asking for an advance and the mother had to mortgage jewelry.

But in reality, the vehicle they bought was stolen and they are now in indifference. This case dates back to March 3, 2022 and the vehicle in question is an unlicensed GDM car. And its amount is 7,500 euros after negotiations.

A well done scam!

This scam seems to have been planned for a long time. Indeed, the couple met the sellers of this vehicle.

The mother, a victim of this scam, also clarified the following during her meeting: ” The woman arrived with two small children on bicycles without pedals. He spoke good French. He told us that they were selling the vehicle because it is too small for the whole family. It gave us confidence“.

But Karim, the father of the family, knew the field of automotive very well. He then wanted to inspect the vehicle to see if there was any damage. So he inspects the engine, body and gray card and everything seems to match.

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It also says the following: In the evening, I also checked the certificate of no pledge on the Internet to see if the vehicle had been stolen.“.

In trust, money is given in cash, and that’s when the problems start.

It all starts with this scam, when Karim’s brother-in-law clarifies the following, explaining: ” that a car like this, with so few miles, at this price, is not normal and was worth at least twice as much“.

Expressing his doubts, the brother-in-law took the couple to the police station. And when they arrived and when the police heard the couple’s words, it was confirmed. In fact, they were the victims of a scam!

Great consequences!

Thus, during the investigation of the investigators on this case, they realized that all this was really a scam.

It appears that one of the thieves, from the East, deaf and dumb, stole the vehicle from someone he knew, taking all the corresponding papers.

But the most important thing is obviously the amount that was given for the purchase of this car! Almost all of this amount was paid for on cryptocurrency platforms.

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The investigators, who seized this scam, were able to recover only 1,200 euros.

The bold couple also said the following: We do not want to return the car until there is a court decision in our favor“.

You should know that the trial is scheduled for April 8 in the criminal court of Toulouse. But Karim, the father who was the victim of this scam, seems to suffer serious consequences.

It should be noted that he has lost 6 kilos and is taking antidepressants to hope to improve in the face of his precariousness. A difficult situation for him and his family, who now have to live in distress.

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