Top of the best Jake Gyllenhaal movies

At the age of 41, Jake Gyllenhaal continues to explode the screen by building a rich filmography, full of varied feature films. In front of the camera, he plays defining roles in the heart of enigmatic thrillers, family dramas and even superhero movies. On the occasion of the release of “Ambulance”, a new Michael Bay film, here is a list of the best works to find the American actor.

Donnie Darko (2002)

After his first appearances in film and his role as a young Homer Hickam in October sky by Joe Johnston, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a fierce teenager with intense emotional problems Donnie Darko. Richard Kelly, the director, directs the story of Donnie. The young man is plagued by strange visions. He comes to believe in the existence of a giant white rabbit named Frank that only he sees. These apparitions upset the young man’s daily life, which worries his family and the community in which he lives.

Donnie Darko © Metropolitan Filmexport

With this remarkable role, Jake Gyllenhaal begins his career in the most beautiful way, offering a convincing and almost creepy performance. Accompanied by her sister on screen Maggie Gyllenhaalyoung Jake exposes the perfect combination of emotions of a troubled teenager.

The movie Donnie Darko he plays with both the time and the successive hallucinations of the main character. He relates science fiction to Donnie’s fragile psychological state. This tumultuous teen film marks a generation and crosses time with ease, in addition to having turned the life of its actor. The Californian actor thanks the film for existing in an Instagram post in 2021:

It’s a movie that changed my life and my career.

The secret of Brokeback Mountain (2006)

In the record of romantic and classic dramas, The secret of Brokeback Mountain appears in the filmography of Jake Gyllenhaal. He also won the Golden Lion in Venice in 2005. Carrying Ang Lee’s film on his shoulders, accompanied by the talented and late Heath Ledger, the actor plays one of the two cowboys in love with a sudden and impossible love, contrary to the customs of the time in Wyoming.

Gustavo Santaolalla’s guitar notes explain the secret of two men in the heart of these vast and mountainous landscapes. Isolated, Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar share much more than a simple story hidden during the transhumance of the sheep whose guards they are. The two actors stand out and manage to create a pure chemistry between them. That provokes weird emotions.

The secret of Brokeback Mountain
The secret of Brokeback Mountain © Pathe

Suffering from a love doomed to remain secret, between the unspoken and the silent, Jake Gyllenhaal shines with his gaze and his fair interpretation. The intimacy she creates with her partner allows her to be Nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Statuette finally awarded to George Clooney by Syrian. But thanks to Brokeback MountainJake Gyllenhaal is gaining even more popularity among critics and audiences.

Zodiac (2007)

The year 2007 marks the collaboration between actor and filmmaker David Fincher. The story of an investigation into the serial killer of the Zodiac that multiplies the horrific murders in and around San Francisco. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in a cartoonist named Robert Graysmith. He sets his life aside to discover the culprit in these murders, taking an extraordinary interest in the killer’s clues and repeated cipher messages.

Zodiac © Warner Bros. Images

An XXL cast. Alongside Californian actor Robert Downey Jr. Paul Avery, a specialist in criminal affairs at the San Francisco Chronicle. Mark Ruffalo plays Inspector David Toschi. With ZodiacDavid Fincher talks about a topic that haunts him: serial killers. The director is interested in the psychology of his characters. In particular that of Jake Gyllenhaal, obsessed with the need to know who the Zodiac is.

In these 2:30 hours of research, the constant obsession of this apprentice researcher, who abandons his own existence, captivates the public. And that, especially thanks to a crazy Jake Gyllenhaal. Zodiac is an excellent thriller with an atmosphere that causes anxiety, which benefits from a careful and thoughtful staging.

prisoners (2013)

In the early 2010s, the actor chained films with different aspects. Playing Tobey Maguire’s brother in the drama Brothersaddicted to Anne Hathaway in romance Love and other drugsor embodying the hero of the blockbuster Prince of Persia: The sands of timeJake Gyllenhaal is overwhelmed with proposals.

He then decides to work twice with Denis Villeneuve. Their collaboration gives rise to two great films. First of all prisonersso enemy. In the first, he plays Inspector Loki who is investigating the disappearance of two girls. The loop tightens and the pathways become smaller. Mad with rage, the father (played by Hugh Jackman) of one of them demands revenge and locates the culprit. In the casting, we find the young Paul Dano, Viola Davis and Terrence Howard.

prisoners © SND

Like thriller references like Mystic River, Gone Girl or Seven, prisoners it’s still a compelling film. This puzzle stretches the viewer and immerses him in the heart of a black atmosphere. Full of suspense, the Canadian director’s feature film owes its success to its constant tension and the performance of its actors. In front of his counterparts, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a more ceilinged character, with an infallible determination, but full of nervousness.

It tops the list of best films of the decade and best thrillers, prisoners becomes a benchmark. Denis Villeneuve’s cold style is perfectly suited to such a work.

Night call (2014)

So that the actor can interpret his madness, Filmmaker Dan Gilroy gives Jake Gyllenhaal a big role Night call. Lou sets up his business. Every night, with her driver played by Riz Ahmed, she travels through Los Angeles in search of the most shocking images to sell on local television.

An overflowing character of fury who very quickly exceeds the limits. Capable of anything to prove his worth and impress his employers, Lou becomes a realistic personification of the constant search for buzz at all costs.

Night call
Nightcall © Concorde Filmverleih

In this dark thriller, Jake Gyllenhaal’s expressions are enough to challenge us and question his behavior. Without any creepy morale, the actor plays his most successful role. Bursting the screen every minute, it metamorphoses before our eyes. He transforms into an unhealthy beast that perverts everything he touches. Nightcrawlerfrom its original name, is a very good thriller.


The actor has constructed such a filmography that it is impossible to mention it all. However, his role as a boxer a Anger in the stomach of Antoine Fuqua also shows the extension of his range of play. A performance full of emotions. Working with exceptional directors like Bong Joon-ho to Okayor Jacques Audiard for The brothers brothersis fully dedicated to sublimating films.

Last mentioned by Wildlife: a fiery season and his duet with Carey Mulligan, with whom he forms a couple who break up in front of their only child. This is the first film directed by Paul Dano. Although Jake Gyllenhaal disappears for about thirty minutes, the feature film is a little gem. It is currently displayedAmbulance signed Michael Bay, the actor still has many captivating hours to offer in front of the camera.

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