the nation’s future “elites” vote radically

In this first part, Marianne he went to meet the first voters of two elite Parisian institutes. A way to position the future politically ” successful people “, to use the expression of Emmanuel Macron. Following the publication by the Ministry of National Education, on March 23, of the results of the success index of high school students in 2021, media how the Figaro, the Parisian On the student they have published their list of the best institutes of the year 2022. And far from being a surprise, we always find the same establishments, often Parisian, at the forefront. These include Stanislas College and the Henri-IV Institute.

A “Stan”, Zemmour triumphs

In the affluent sixth district of Paris, the Collège Stanislas consistently ranks first among the best private high schools. It feeds the most elitist preparatory classes in the capital. At the end of the morning classes, at the intersection of rue du Montparnasse and rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs, students drip under the golden plaque of the prestigious school.

You’ve come across exceptions to the rule here “, Say Joséphine and Jeanne, two 19-year-old friends who have just finished their medical training. ” We must be the only ones on the left here, you will find that people on the right and even the far right “, Say the two girls, for whom the profiles of their peers correspond perfectly with the idea they have of this electorate. ” It is true that here I am a little more normal. ”Says his friend Cyprien, amused. This supposed Zemmourist has a well-rehearsed speech: “ he is the only one who has the intelligence to look France in the face, even if he is sometimes a little too harsh with certain subjects like Russia, I like his conception of history and traditions. “I’ve never met this candidate before” charismatic and cultured “He admires, but says he wants to take part in the big gathering organized by the controversy at the Trocadéro on March 27.

Like many of my friends, I was very angry on the street and was beaten, even in the 6th district.continues the young man who wants to offer his children ” a more secure future with more security “i” less ideology “If Less Politicized Students Admit Their Intention to Vote Emmanuel Macron for His” good crisis management more than their ideas, the vast majority of young people who gathered in the early afternoon seemed seduced by the shocking speech and ” without complexes of the old polemicist.

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Like many of his classmates at Stanislas College, Charles *, in Chinese pants and a side stripe, comes from a family of ” traditional law “On April 10, Zemmour will vote without hesitation, while his father, a consultant for large oil groups in Africa, and his mother (at home) will choose Macron or Pécresse.” As for the economy, it’s really right, not like Marine le Pen. But above all he is not a politician, we feel in him the true love of France “His two friends, 18 years old like him and practicing Catholics, acknowledge that the political balance here tilts frankly to the right. The three students in the preparatory classes of the business school to point to HEC, of ​​course “they are aware of being” well born That doesn’t stop them from asking for a refund of a true public and meritocratic education, as during the Third Republic. “Thomas * justifies his Zemmour vote” because there is a real bioethical issue and he is the only one who can stop everything that is GPA and others. »

Mélenchon-king to Henry IV

In early 2022, we recall the earthquake that shook the prestigious Sainte-Geneviève mountain institute after the announcement of the change in the recruitment process of its students, who will no longer be caught in the files. In any case, the institution, in high demand, maintains its place on the podium of the best public institutes in France.

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In front of the building, Billie * sets the tone: ” The whole school is on the left, but last weekend a boy tried to organize a pro-Zemmour rally. With my collective “H4 deter” we countered it and prevented the trailer “Last year’s student, his first ballot will go to Jean-Luc Mélenchon.” I am in favor of the revolution she says. Although I don’t like the character, it will be a useful but not desperate vote At the age of 18, Éloïse will also vote for the leader of the Insoumis: I come from a left-wing, socialist family, but for me what counts is the end of the Fifth Republic and the nationalization of certain private companies. »

Titouan doubts: I don’t know yet Jadot, Hidalgo or Mélenchon “Ecology and social issues are the young people’s favorite subjects.” I am in favor of raising the minimum wage, taxing the rich and getting the money back to reinvest in more sustainable development. “These measures were seen by a number of candidates.” thanks to Hugo Decipher [un youtubeur] it really influences my political choices ”Continues Titouan, who acknowledges the growing influence of social media in the way it obtains information.

Her partner Victoire, a student at the CPES (Multidisciplinary Higher Education Cycle) preparatory school, the daughter of two musicians, smokes the rolled cigarette on a railing. She explains how last year, a course with ” a very critical teacher with the current Constitution “I had it” convinced of the flaws of the current system ”, Which justifies his decision to vote for Mélenchon in the next elections in large part for his Sixth Republic project. Many analysts raised the idea of ​​greater political radicalism among young people compared to previous generations. Already in 2017, the BVA institute showed that the first voters (aged 18 to 24) had voted Jean-Luc Mélenchon with 27%, just ahead of Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, both with 21%. Elite institutes are also a reflection of this trend …

* Names have been changed at the request of interested parties.

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