Secure your sports car properly


Are you planning to become the proud owner of a beautiful sports car? Maybe even for the first time? So it’s important to make sure it’s okay! Here are some tips for choosing the right car insurance for you.

A daily athlete? Choose comprehensive car insurance

A sports car is generally a more powerful and expensive model than the average vehicle and therefore requires insurance to cover any damage. In order to make sure that you can take care of any claims that you may suffer or cause, all-risk insurance is highly recommended, especially in the case of daily use.

It can happen that one is tempted to opt for a minimum insurance, or a formula of “third parties”, with the idea of ​​finding cheap car insurance but in case of a problem, which unfortunately is more common when you are an inexperienced driver. at the wheel of a powerful model, this often turns out to be a miscalculation … Full risk insurance, although more expensive, will in fact also cover you in the event of theft, fire but above all any type of accident. for which you are or are not responsible. An important point, not only had to maintain the superior value of a sports vehicle but also when there is bodily injury that comes into play ….

A sports car as a secondary car? Choose a bespoke car insurance

If you are more than the type who only uses your sport for pleasure, only on weekends, on holiday or very occasionally, it may not be necessary to pay the full price to insure it with all possible guarantees.

Specific insurance, such as that offered by some insurers, for older models or insurance per mile, will be more suited to your use and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Clearly, the less you pay, the more restricted your use and the lower the value of the vehicle. This does not prevent your car from being well protected when it is hot and when driving!

Opt for the right guarantees

Many insurance companies offer packages “all inclusive”, but it is sometimes helpful to choose additional guarantees and options to make sure you are well compensated. The new value guarantee allows you, for example, to be reimbursed for the purchase price of the car. It is reserved for vehicles less than one year old. The accident damage guarantee will allow you to receive compensation, even in the event of a liability claim. As you can see, with your sports car, you don’t have to skimp on guarantees.

Play in the competition

To better insure your car while saving money, it is best to compare car insurance using an online comparator before you decide and make a purchase. This way, you will know if you can afford the cost of insurance, which can sometimes be very high for these types of vehicles. Free, fast, and easy-to-use online comparators take care of selecting the right deals for you from the top insurance companies on the market. Just sign up with the one who offers you the best deal and here is your new sports car!

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