“Parallels”, “Pachinko”, “The Bridgerton Chronicle” season 2 … What are the series of the week worth?

A teenage sci-fi series, the saga of an exile from South Korea, the return of the “fires of love” in Regency costumes … We tell you all about these news, to see them in the television or on platforms.

On TV channels

p “The Substitute” (TF1)

Xavier Meilleur, a stern French teacher hated by some of his students, she is the victim of an outing to high school. All his comrades support him and want to punish the culprit. Well almost. Nicolas Valeyre, said substitute, takes under his wing Robin, a struggling, homophobic high school student who is at the origin. This atypical teacher, played by rapper JoeyStarr, will be dragged by a tornado. But it will take advantage of this issue to make teens aware of the devastating impact of the rumor on the lives of others … Read More

oh “The island of the thirty coffins”, miniseries (France 2)

Christine’s existence is mourning the loss of a child at birth. Until the day she receives a video of her own on her mobile phone … A strange detonator that will lead her to investigate the island of her childhood, Sarek, battered by the Breton winds and chased by ad hoc legends. In 1979 we talked about series to designate the six episodes, broadcast on Antenne 2, of The island of the thirty coffins, adaptation of the novel of the same name by Maurice Leblanc. In the lead role, Claude Jade, all of an incandescent pallor, tried to find the path of his story in front of Sarek’s menu … Read more

q “Nine Guys”, miniseries (Canal +)

After Nine chicks Last year, Emma de Caunes continued to represent the daily life of the inhabitants of a Parisian building, this time addressing men. We find in this brief anthology Thomas, a physiotherapist in the midst of a breakup; Victor, a guitarist rehearsing with his ex, singer; Olivier, engaged with his wife in the acrobatic practice of shibari; Gustave, who while trotting prepares a speech for the funeral of an old friend … Nine essentially sentimental little stories, about nine boys, and his entourage … Read more

On the platforms

q Parallels ”(Disney +)

One evening, when they are partying in a nearby forest bunker not far from a quantum physics research center, four high school students from a mountain village are the victims of an incident that pushes them into universes. parallel, in different periods of time. One of them, Bilal, returns from the future fifteen years older (in the guise of the very endearing Omar Mebrouk) and tries to put everything in its place with the help of his astrophysical mother (the excellent Naida Ayadri ) … Read more

r “Pachinko”, miniseries (Apple TV +)

Best-selling across the Atlantic as soon as it was published in 2017, translated into French last year, the novel by Korean-American Min Jin Lee, pachinko, he especially benefited from Barack Obama’s planned push. This version, necessarily simplified, represents the fate of two main characters and their loved ones. Sunja (Kim Min-ha), a young South Korean in the 1930s, is driven by intimate and historical events to emigrate to Osaka: the Japanese military occupies the land of the morning calm and controls its population hard, submerging in misery. Nearly sixty years later, in 1989, Solomon Baek (Jin Ha), a New York businessman, returned to Japan where he was born and reunited with his family. Includes his grandmother, Sunja (Youn Yuh-jung, minari), who never saw his native Korea again … Read more

q “The Bridgerton Chronicle” Season 2 (Netflix)

Admittedly, the eye-catching colors and sentimental intrigue colorblind courtyard and garden of the series produced by Shonda Rhimes we were beginning to miss. So even though, let’s face it, this second season has lost the surprise advantage and betrays a somewhat tedious mechanics, there’s still something to melt away, the guilty pleasure partly embedded in the details, still just like pop, like these. Madonna or Rihanna hits transposed into a waltz or a gang … Read more

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