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There are 10 films in the race to win the highest Oscar of the evening: Best Picture. The winner will be joined by such amazing movies Parasite i nomadic land, to deserve this prestigious title. However, a notable trend with the nominees for best film is that they do not have the most successful box office that reaches hundreds of millions.

Most of the nominees tend to be independent and artistic films that do not appeal to the general public except the niche film community. However, even the rise of streaming has changed the culture of watching movies, which does not reflect the success of the film. Of course, even in 2021, the film industry was still facing the presence of the pandemic, so even the box office is not the most stellar, it was reported. box office mojo.

ten The power of the dog: $ 257,022

the power of the dog is considered one of the favorites to win prestigious Oscar night awards, including Best Director for Jane Campion. However, a win for best film would be a historic milestone for Netflix.

While Netflix’s Western drama is the film to see at the Oscars, it also has the lowest box office number ($ 257,022) of all the best nominees. However, these low box office figures make sense, as Netflix is ​​exclusively distributed and streamed. The power of the dog. Only the box office projection only takes into account international numbers, while none of the national ones. For sure, The power of the dog is among the most likely to win the best film.

9 Don’t look up: $ 791,863

by Adam McKay Don’t look up is another Netflix movie that won an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. How The power of the dogthis Earth-destroying comet movie has a low gross box office return ($ 791,863) due to its exclusive Netflix run.

Box office figures are slightly higher The power of the dog since Don’t look up was played in select theaters before its Netflix release. However, most of his box office also comes from international audiences.

8 CODE: $ 1,052,792

Like Netflix-nominated movies, CODA is broadcast exclusively on AppleTV +, so it makes sense that the box office figures ($ 1.05 million) are not large. However, it managed to surpass one million, with 100% of its box office coming from the international market.

For sure, CODA became the focus of the awards season, winning the Writers Guild of America and Producers Guild of America awards. Given the success of the recent film awards season, CODA became the movie to beat the best movie, even in strong competition against Netflix The power of the dog.

7 Drive my car: $ 5,324,449

Only in recent years have international films been liked Rome i Parasite they have aroused the interest of the film community, and this year’s entry is Japan drive my car. Japanese road film has received incredible praise for its art, which has increased in popularity in recent months.

drive my car raised just over $ 5 million ($ 5.32 million) at the box office. Of these figures, 60.2% (more than $ 3 million) come from international markets, while the remaining 39.8% come from the United States. Of course, even these lockers are an amazing feat.

6 Licorice Pizza – $ 30,382,975

Paul Thomas Anderson returns to awards season with his latest romantic film about coming of age. Licorice pizza. Like the other films nominated for Best Picture, Licorice pizza is another to see at the Oscars, with additional nominations for Best Original Screenplay.

Given that the film premiered during the heyday of the Omicron variant, Anderson’s latest drama still grossed $ 30.3 million at the box office. Of course, most came from national releases covering about 56.1% of the box office, while the rest of the numbers came from international markets.

5 Alley of Nightmares: $ 38,014,806

Guillermo del Toro reinvents William Lindsay Gresham nightmare alley doing what he does best with his Gothic style marks. For sure, nightmare alley he was a dark horse during the awards season and surprisingly got a place in the best film.

The neo-noir thriller amassed $ 38 million during the COVID increase of the Omicron variant. Unfortunately, even with this high box office figure only for the COVID standard, nightmare alley it was a failure after failing to recover its $ 60 million budget. The international market covered 70.3% ($ 26.7 million), while the domestic market accounted for only 29.7% of the final box office.

4 King Richard: $ 38,067,956

The Oscars love to nominate inspiring biopics. However, this year King Richard is the only clear biopic nominated for Best Picture. The film follows the story of Richard Williams, who raised the world’s greatest tennis players, Venus and Serena Williams.

King Richard it was one of the most critically acclaimed films nominated for Best Picture, and rightly so. Unfortunately, even the box office does not reflect the amazing craftsmanship and photography, as the film only managed to reach $ 38 million. Plus, it just changes nightmare alley just a few thousand dollars. Of course, much of the disappointing box office has to do with King Richard posting simultaneously on HBO Max, which is unfortunate.

3 Belfast: $ 42,709,680

by Kenneth Branagh Belfast it is perhaps the lightest entry into the career of the best film. Belfast follows the life of a child during the riot known as “The Troubles”. Instead of being upset by the depressing nature of the situation, the film shows the determination and growth of the child’s family.

Like the other nominees for Best Picture, Belfast accumulated only $ 42.7 million worldwide. However, only 21.3% of the box office came from national numbers. Most of the box office (78.7%) came from the international market, especially the UK, but that makes a lot of sense. For sure, Belfast is one of Branagh’s best films to date.

2 West Side Story: $ 75,094,116

Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time, having created masterpieces ranging from science fiction to war dramas. His resume says a lot about his versatility as a director. Therefore, it is not surprising that he accepted the challenge of not making a musical but an adaptation West Side Story.

Spielberg nailed the narrative and the atmosphere of West Side Story, with many critics and audiences even considering that the later version is even better than the one of the 60’s. However, even the musical had a lower performance at the box office, raising only $ 75 million. However, the box office does not compromise Spielberg’s success in creating the famous musical.

1 Dunes: $ 400,580,738

Denis Villeneuve has taken on the challenge of adapting one of the most complex science fiction novels on the big screen. And yet he proved that he could run well Dunesis included in a two-part film. Dunes it got 10 nominations, including Best Picture, and is expected to win most technical awards.

Of all the nominees for Best Picture, Dunes was the biggest box office hit, grossing a whopping $ 400.5 million. That’s a big difference of $ 325 million West Side Story, the second highest grossing film in the best film category. Clear, 2021 Dunes it is only part 1 of a saga of the second part in which the next sequel will be released in October 2023.

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