Dog NFT: An NFT accompanied by a real bulldog puppy

This new NFT collection of French bulldogs offers their holders a real puppy for every token purchased.

Finally, we begin to see the NFTs used in the real world. A company called Bullishly Bred has launched a NFT collection for dogs that its executives believe will transform the dog breeding system.

This first NFT collection for dogs includes 9 non-consumable tokens, which are the first of their kind. All NFTs represent real French bulldogs, a prestigious line of dogs. Co-founder Nicole Harrison, who also owns Ethical Frenchie, says: dog breeding use an open and unchanging record to demonstrate the purity and history of a dog’s pedigree.

The NFT is a proof of ownership and is accompanied by a representation of the puppy in the metavers. You can also buy these NFTs with crypto.

NFT useful

Mrs. Harrison notes that the NFT will include historical ownership, medical records, genetic data, family tree, and imaging. “This means that if your dog is lost or stolen, the NFT will cryptographically prove ownership. It will provide information about its health to veterinarians and present evidence of its genetic history when it reproduces.”

However, you can’t just buy NFT and get a puppy. “It simply came to our notice then. In fact, an interview will be needed to make sure that your home and family are prepared, responsible, and willing to accept this animal as a new family member. If during this mandatory selection (after the auction) it turns out that you cannot take care of the puppy, the NFT must be transferred or sold. Then, a new headline will be pre-selected to prepare for delivery. “

Once the property is confirmed, a pet caregiver will work with you to choose a date to hand the puppy over to you.

One of the NFT for dogs in the first collection

NFT for dogs: a world first

According to the company, “They are the first dogs in history to be bought in cryptocurrencies, registered in the chain of blogs and whose historical information cannot be manipulated. We chose to use French bulldogs because they are one of the most sought after breeds in the world, but they also suffer from the most corrupt breeding and registration practices. “

The company expects NFTs to address this long-standing issue. Obsolete dog breeding methods and owner registration need to be updated.

“Today, dogs are distributed among the hundreds of old dog breed clubs and pet registration entities. Its over-exclusivity has created a whole hidden world of unethical breeding, which has encouraged puppy factories and bad breeders to adopt even worse practices. “

This situation has led to inbreeding, genetic deformities, segregation and theft. The process has become confusing due to the hundreds of different dog records.

Create NFT

Megan Barraford, the other co-founder of the new company, is a serial entrepreneur. According to her: “NFTs have immense potential. However, they are only used for a purpose and only for speculative purposes. NFT technology offers much more. It provides a mechanism for storing information in the blockchain that cannot be manipulated and It’s publicly transparent. We took NFT and took them to the pet industry to solve a problem. “

Mrs. Harrison has been raising dogs for over a decade. She supports ethical breeding and wants to prevent health problems and improve the longevity of dogs. “Bullishly Bred plans to create an inclusive pet exchange that allows all breeds to be registered, including design breeds such as Sheepadoodle or medically proven exotic colors such as Merle. This NFT project completely restructures the breeding system. This makes it open, transparent. decentralized and inclusive of all dogs and everyone.In addition to being accessible to everyone, this system has no permission or censorship.

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