The 15 craziest catfish episodes, ranked

Catfish is one of the best rated reality shows on MTV. Celebrities hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph until Nev left, the two toured the country to see if the people they meet online are who they say they are or if they are, in fact, a catfish.

This caused a lot of wild scenery that you never saw coming. Hold on, because it will be a wild journey.

Updated March 25, 2022 by Alex Gentile: Catfish continues its eighth season in 2022 and its stories still impact the public. Some of the best episodes of Catfish have appeared in later seasons of the show, as fans continue to return to outstanding pairings. Despite the show’s popularity, the cheeky catfish manipulates its prey over the years.

15 Whitney and Bre

He was one of the craziest Catfish stories that the audience saw on the show. But at least it was for the right reasons. Whitney had called Nev and Max to help her with a woman she was in love with in California named Bre.

He stated that Bre would never do video chat and that neither of them could afford to meet. It turned out, however, that they had been video chatting all along and just wanted to meet Catfish help because they couldn’t afford a plane ticket.

14 Lucas and many

“Lucas & Many” comes from one of the most prominent seasons of Catfish. Season 5 episode follows an old model to follow named Jayme. Be wary of the man you talk to online thanks to the advice of your friends.

The most shocking thing about Jayme’s story is that it is shared by several other victims. When Max and Nev investigate Jayme’s catfish, they hear from other women who have also spoken to her. They soon find out that he has manipulated dozens of people online.

13 Ramon and Paola

In this episode, Ramon thought he had fallen in love with a woman named Paola whom he had met on Facebook. Then the cat fishing behavior started with weird calls by Skype and her asking for money and gifts. Unfortunately, Ramon gave her all these things and more.

She later admitted that she saw her face and body quickly on Skype before she hid again and knew she was not the same girl. But I didn’t want to believe it. It was later discovered that the real girl, Loyda, had revealed all the personal details about her, including her driver’s license and real photos of her, but she never wanted to believe it. His delirium and lack of attention to the money he gave him made it all a spectacle.

12 Candic & Tite

Candic is a 27-year-old woman and mother who maintains a kind of online relationship with a man she met in a retail app she uses to work with. He was interested in a handbag coming and the two of them started talking regularly.

She hoped to meet him with the help of Nev and Max, and without telling her husband. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the man she was talking to was her husband all the time looking to get closer to his wife. In the end, he brought them closer.

11 Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 10

In the middle of season 6, Catfish offered the audience a number of special episodes, including two under the title “Catfish: The Untold Stories”. The unique segments spoke to viewers about the catfish that stand out from the usual herd that appears on the show.

The tenth part of The Untold Stories stands out with an illustrator segment. Catfish is inspired by the documentary that presents the story of the misfortune of the host Nev Schulman with an online manipulator. In this special episode, Nev falls victim to a catfish again.

ten Kayla and Courtney

This is one of the only episodes of Catfish many seasons that had nothing to do with a romantic relationship. It had to do with the supernatural and whether it was possible to talk to the dead. Kayla is a young woman with a tragic past. His father, who had mental health problems, murdered his pregnant mother when he was just a small child.

A few years later, he committed suicide in prison. But now a woman named Courtney claims Kayla’s father has contacted her. That means she can talk to her dead father, who is a man Courtney had never met. She knew things about him that few people on Earth knew and everything was hard to understand. By the end of the episode, even Nev and Max had changed their minds about the issue.

9 Lucille and Kidd Cole

This is the millennial story. The girl knows the boy. Boy masquerades as a music producer on the Kanye West label. Then the boy steals a lot of money from the girl, of which we will never know again. Okay, it may not be as old a story as it used to be, but it’s interesting.

Lucille met Kidd Cole online after discovering his music on SoundCloud and contacting him. The two became friends, and after a series of scams, Lucille lost a lot of money. It was finally revealed that he was certainly not a famous music producer, and his disinterest in Nev’s questions caused Nev himself to throw his phone into a nearby river.

8 Keyonnah and Bow Wow

Keyonnah sadly felt like she was dating Lil Bow Wow. Yes, the rapper. Of course, it wasn’t Lil Bow Wow, though the gatfisher sent Keyonnah $ 10,000 at one point.

Keyonnah’s episode included one of the most memorable catfish on the show. The person claiming to be the famous rapper was actually a young woman named Dee, who tricked Keyonnah into believing he was a boy.

7 Sheila and Rich Dollaz

Sheila was someone who was just a celebrity fan love and hip hop with the name Rich Dollaz. After watching a particularly touching episode where he spilled his heart, he met the man himself and sent him a DM on Instagram to introduce himself.

After eight months of communication on Instagram where Rich Dollaz only asked for explicit photos of Sheila, he called Catfish computer for help. It was revealed that it was the celebrity’s nephew who ran the account and abused his power with him. The nephew didn’t feel any remorse either … he even thought it was funny.

6 Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 9

One of the best rated on IMDb, “Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 9” is different from many of the best Catfish episodes. Although a typical episode of the series includes almost all documentary footage in a familiar format, Part 9 introduces a new type of storytelling.

This episode shows staged recreations, while people tell their catfish stories to an interviewer. While the episode doesn’t have the same intensity as a real-time filmed story, it does include some of the most shocking catfish stories in the series.

5 Kristina and fe

Kristina wrote for the first time Catfish knowing that things were very complicated. He was engaged to a woman named Sami, but he also had an online relationship with a woman named Faith whom he had met in a chat room. She was willing to risk her commitment to find out who Faith was, as she didn’t have a last name and would never video chat.

There have been many problems that have caused Catfish get involved, with Sami canceling her engagement while still living with Kristina. It was later revealed that everyone was trapped where he was supposed to make Sami Faith all the time.

4 Gemini and Myranda

In the last season of Catfish, the audience meets Gemini, a man who has been talking to a beautiful woman named Myranda for seven years. But, of course, it turns out that Myranda is not who she claims to be and is actually a repeated catfish offender.

So Nev and Kamie take matters into their own hands and arrange an intervention for Ashley, the aggressor in question, along with two of her closest friends, Gemini and Red, a woman who had been caught. by Ashley earlier this season.

3 Arts and Jess

Artis was another cat who was willing to risk everything for the woman he thought he loved, but had never met. This woman’s name was Jess. He was putting a lot at stake for her when he got there Catfishas the relationship he maintained with his current girlfriend, the mother of his children.

It turns out that Jess was actually a man who is considered a kind of Croatian. He teaches unconscious men to deceive the error of their ways by pursuing them. His reaction after being caught was the most interesting part of the episode.

2 Antwane and Tony

Is the Catfish episode that will live forever in infamy. Carmen’s main goal in fishing for her cousin, Antwane, for three years under Tony’s appearance was to take revenge on him for embarrassing her years earlier.

He really marked it, so he committed this act and even sent it Catfish crew on a wild goose chase until she herself reveals the truth.

1 Spencer and Katy

Spencer was a man who for a time believed that he was in a relationship with Katy Perry, one of the most famous pop singers in the world.

She was so invested that she even had an engagement ring ready for her. Of course, I wasn’t talking to Katy Perry. Even if it had been completely revealed to him, he would not have believed it, whatever it was said.

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