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This Thursday, President Fritch and High Commissioner Dominique Sorain proceeded to two inaugurations and the laying of the first stone of the public service buildings in the town of Teva I Uta, in the presence of the Mayor of Teva I Uta , Tearii Alpha, Deputy Mayor. of Papeari, Alain Sangue, and members of the municipal council.

Initially taken to Atimaono’s place by Fire Lieutenant Gaston TUNOA and local firefighters, authorities laid the foundation stone of the future community fire and rescue center.

President Fritch and Dominique Sorain during the laying of the first stone

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The opportunity to recall the crucial role that civil security agents have played in the operations of rescuing people, extinguishing fires or even the implementation of emergency plans such as municipal security plans.

Listen to Gaston Tunoa:

Thus, the future fire and rescue center of Teva I Uta will provide municipal firefighters with a suitable place to manage an average of 1,800 interventions per year.

The CGF plans to make this barracks the future training platform for firefighters in French Polynesia. It plans to host a staff of 11 permanent firefighters.
The construction of this structure, with a total cost of 281 million cfp, is done with a grant from the Intercommunal Equalization Fund (FIP) of up to 225 million cfp and the municipality up to 56 million cfp.

The delegation then went to Papeari to inaugurate the new nursery. This new facility will accommodate up to 200 students in conditions tailored to the expectations of teachers, students and parents. The structure includes 8 classes, ranging from the small children section (STP) to the adult section (SG). Constructed buildings comply with environmental standards and take into account requirements in terms of energy savings.
This operation also had the support of the FIP for an amount of 478 million cfp to which is added a municipal contribution of 25 million cfp.

Rodrigue Ah-Min is the grandson of Choi Chong Ah-Min who was the district chief of Papeari.

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Teva and Uta Town Council decided to name the nursery school after Choi Cheong AH MIN, in memory of who was the first district chief of Papeari in 1919 and the first Polynesian to be knighted in the legion. of honor in 1963, as a former soldier in the Pacific Mixed Battalion engaged during the 14-18 war.

The High Commissioner and the President praised the work of the municipal teams,
accompanied by the services of the State and the Country, in the realization of these projects that allow to develop services to the citizenship.

Inauguration of the Papeari school

The new school will accommodate 200 students.

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The Minister of Education, Christelle LEHARTEL, specified in her speech that “This new school is a tool that should promote academic success. It offers a pleasant living environment, the working conditions are exceptional for teachers and students ”.
On this occasion, the authorities have reaffirmed their support for municipalities so that they can develop public services in the areas of public safety, education and neighborhood life.

Inauguration of the neighborhood house

The playground of the TITAVIRI residence in Papeari, which includes 42 accommodations.

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The last stage was the inauguration of the community center and a playground in the TITAVIRI residence in Papeari, which includes 42 apartments built in 2008. These infrastructures, which complete the residence, will improve social cohesion and tenant coexistence environment. The work amounts to 47.5 million cfp financed 100% by a grant from the country.

Listen to Tearii Alpha:

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