return of the compulsory mask to school throughout France

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Due to the sharp increase in the number of new cases of Covid-19 in France, on Monday the mask is again compulsory in all French primary schools. It had been abolished in September for students enrolled in the departments least affected by the epidemic.

As a deja vu. To stop the increase in Covid-19 contamination, the use of a mask is again compulsory in primary school from Monday 15 November throughout France. Until now, CP to CM2 students had to wear the mask in 61 departments. Now all of France is worried.

“All departments move to level 2 of the health protocol” on Monday, with “again, the use of masks for all students” in primary school, announced on November 9 the Ministry of National Education, following the intervention of President Emmanuel Macron. .

This generalization of wearing a mask marks a step backwards. The government had announced in September the end of the use of masks in primary school in the departments least affected by the epidemic.

By early October, 47 departments had been able to withdraw it, followed by others in the following weeks. In all, the use of a mask at school had been lifted before All Saints’ Day festivities in 79 departments, before coming back into effect with the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic.

40% increase in incidence rate in one week

Since the return of All Saints’ Day festivities a week ago, CP to CM2 students have once again put on their masks in 39 metropolitan departments where they had removed it as well as in Reunion, leading to 57 metropolitan departments and four overseas. of the communities where it was mandatory.

In the wake of the epidemic, Emmanuel Macron addressed the French on November 9, especially urging the elderly to be injected with a booster dose, otherwise they would lose their health.

“The fifth wave has begun in Europe, in the United Kingdom, in Germany, where more than 30,000 new cases are being registered every day,” said the head of state, who argued a “more favorable situation in France” but a 40% one-week increase in the incidence rate.

As for the school, the head of state has said that “although [il] to know

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