“I was in a total mess …”, Guillaume Labbé recalls his adolescence

Parallels, the fantastic Disney + series, is one of the good surprises of the beginning of the year. Well written, very well produced, he manages to combine comedy, suspense, romance and science fiction throughout six entertaining and emotional episodes, which follow the adventures of four teenagers suddenly driven to parallel dimensions. Next to Thomas Chomel (seen in the series Clem) or even Omar Mebrouk (who would not necessarily embark on a journey through time), or even Naidra Ayadi, who plays Sofia, Bilal’s mother, Guillaume Labbé slips into the disguise of Lieutenant Retz, a very Cartesian and a little clumsy, dejected. for love. A character for whom the 39-year-old actor, recently seen in heart map, The school of life o I promise youshe has a lot of tenderness.

“Topics covered Parallels talk to me a lot ” explains Guillaume Labbé

Among the great mysteries of Parallels, the first name of Lieutenant Retz appears. Can you lift the veil?

(Laughs.) There was a lot of discussion. A few days later I realized her name was Julien. But after a few days I realized that the director had another one, that Quoc Drang Tan (the creator of the series, editor’s note) another … So I don’t know what they have in mind. It’s a crazy teaser for season 2, isn’t it? (He’s laughing.)

How is Lieutenant Retz different from fictional cops?

As soon as I saw the texts, I saw the boy’s life. I love it. He is very kind and touching. His “nerdy” side, a bit monotonous, very rational creates a discrepancy with the situation in which he is immersed. He’s funny in spite of himself. It reminds me of the two cops of Fargo

What did you like best? Parallels ?

The topics. They talk to me a lot: adolescence, the transition to adulthood, jealousy between two siblings, the difficulty for two parents to love two children in the same way and not realizing that they should hurt one … I loved the psychology of the characters and their trajectory.

How boring it is to grow old! “ laments Guillaume Labbé

Did it remind you of your own adolescence?

Really! During adolescence, I had total problems. My arms were too long, I couldn’t control my body, which was growing too fast. I stayed. I felt like I was alone with my little neuroses. Growing up, you realize that everyone is crazy, but at that moment you think that you are the only one who has problems. And finally, finally there was the hassle of wanting to belong to a group, of wanting not to be rejected. It was a difficult time for me.

What about the first love emotions, like Roxane and Samuel?

It is very well transcribed. The actors are great, but so is the direction. Especially when they are about to kiss, their shame, their hands cling. I remember all this, the moments when we touch the edge of the hand for the first time. We no longer have that when we are adults. How boring it is to grow old!

Lieutenant Retz is in love with Sofia, the mother of one of the teenagers …

He didn’t expect to be so attracted to her. It is lunar for one who is so rational. Also, this comes at a time when it is impossible for her to try to seduce her because she is looking for her child. He no longer knows how to deal with her. During a scene in the coffee machine, he doesn’t even know how to put himself, where to put his hands …

After having done so very briefly in theschool of life, you would like to give the line back to your sister Constance Labbecurrently playing season 4 by Balthazar ?

I would like to ! Beside me, there is a modesty, because she is my sister. But it disappears from the moment you start playing. Honestly, I think she plays so well, she’s so sincere. We often both talk about what project we can get. But we can’t find it.

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