Yvelines. Toxic Meatballs – Is There a Dog Poison in Epone?

Alexandra Beaumard and Benjamin Dubois lost their dog, who died of ingestion of poisoned meatballs, intentionally placed in the street of Épône (Yvelines). (© Renaud Vilafranca)

One could believe in another story of poisoned meatballs, a tasteful return of urban legend, classic on social media. And yet the unthinkable happened to a couple in Aubergenville, whose dog died suddenly after eating pieces of meat sprinkled with a white product in the middle of the street. Creepy! He intends to take legal action to find the poisoner.

A white powder covered the pieces of meat

On Saturday, March 12, 2022, shortly before 7 a.m., Benjamin Dubois, 27, walks with Soka, a 6-month-old female white and brown Australian Shepherd. On the way back a hundred meters from the house, at the height of the path drawn at the roundabout on the boulevard Victor-Hugo d’Épône, the animal smells something in a bush. They are pieces of meat, left at the foot of the foliage. He will eat it. It will be fatal for him. There was no time to return home when he began to salivate profusely and with convulsions. His health is deteriorating at breakneck speed. The couple decides to take him to the vet urgently.

“He died in my arms”

“It simply came to our notice then. She died in my arms in less than ten minutes, ”says Alexandra Beaumard, Benjamin’s companion, still in a daze.

To understand what happened, the couple calmly returns to the roundabout and discovers these meatballs, covered in a strange white dust, in the bush where the Soka has stopped. “Insecticide? “, Asks, in a medical certificate, the veterinarian who confirmed the death of the dog but could not make a toxicological examination.

In situ: 150 grams of pellets were found

Alexandra and Benjamin picked up these baits very carefully. “It weighed 150 grams,” said the 31-year-old. Maybe the person who put them there is fed up with dog poop, stray cats, foxes or other pests. This is not the way to go! Imagine a child putting it in their mouth … “

The couple kept the poison balls in the freezer.
The couple kept the poison balls in the freezer. (© Renaud Vilafranca)

The couple sent a part to a private laboratory to analyze the substance, in their charge. The result is expected in two weeks. The rest was stored in the freezer in case the case had a sequel. “Clearly, it was red meat,” says Benjamin, who, on the day of the tragedy, the greatest misfortune, was walking his dog in this place for the first time.

The municipal police are monitoring the matter

At the moment it is difficult to move the authorities. The Mureaux police station just wanted to grab a railing. “The police told me that the intent to harm was not characterized by the fact that there are no other identified victims and that we do not know the nature of the product deposited on the meat,” explains Alexandra. “If the analysis is conclusive, we will write to the prosecutor of the Republic of Versailles to file a complaint,” his colleague added. The Épône municipal police, who are not aware of similar cases, will increase their vigilance in this matter, by inspecting bushes and walking areas.

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It is in this roundabout of Épône, at the level of the bottom bush, where the bait was deposited.
It is in this roundabout of Épône, at the level of the bottom bush, where the bait was deposited. (© Renaud Vilafranca)

At the same time, the couple is trying to identify other victims. His call for witnesses, posted on Facebook, is beginning to bear fruit. “A lady from Épône, who lives the same distance as us from the roundabout, told us that her cat recently had seizures for 36 hours for an inexplicable reason. He got away with it, “she said.

Against animal poisoning, there are remedies

“When an animal has eaten poison, there is no time to lose. It is necessary to consult as soon as possible “, explains a Mantois veterinarian, who has experienced other cases of intentional intoxication in her career, such as a few years ago on the Île Aumône where cats and horses had died. .
Poisoners use a variety of substances, often people who can’t stand the presence of animals.
There are “convulsive” toxins, such as strychnine (which can be bought online), pesticides. This is what Soka seems to have ingested. Scary poisons because they act very quickly. “If there are symptoms, it’s already in the blood. It’s too late to pump the stomach. And unfortunately, too often, it’s too late to save the beast.
They also use rat poison. “It causes a defect in the blood clotting. The animal dies in a few days.” As well as chloralose, intended to exterminate moles.
For some of these products there are antidotes and elimination treatments, which should be administered as soon as possible after ingestion and without guarantee of results. “For dogs, the only way to protect themselves is to keep them tied up. For cats, who live outside, it’s more complicated. I’ve also seen cases where the poison was thrown at pet owners, above The gate is unstoppable. “

In the Yvelines, this is not the first time such a phenomenon has occurred. In September 2019, the mayor of Flins-sur-Seine filed a complaint following the poisoning of several dogs in the municipal park. In February 2021, a dozen dogs were also poisoned, for an undetermined reason, around Gallardon Lake in the Verneuil-sur-Seine leisure center. These cases retain their share of mystery because, as far as we know, no poisoner has been arrested in any case.

The Aubergenvillois couple have the support in their efforts for the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), which should be a civil party in case of legal action. Since then, Benjamin has regularly inspected the roundabout for other toxic baits. In vain. “The worst part is that he was my first dog. She was afraid of losing him, ”said her companion, in tears, determined to go all the way, to condemn the man who killed Soka.

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