The French school in Seoul

The presentation of the French School in Seoul signed by its director Bruno HIRM-MARTIN :

We have been established in Seoul since 1974 and everyone, students, parents, teachers and LFS teams appreciate every day the harmony between the values ​​of French education and life in South Korea.

The Seoul French School (LFS) is an establishment recognized in Seoul and appreciated by our French, Korean and international communities. Our school took on a new dimension in 2019 with the expansion and renovation of its facilities. We are now thinking of responding even better to all schooling projects thanks to a French and multilingual education, which values ​​every culture and every individual. All the teams, teachers and administrators dedicate their daily activities to helping all our students grow and lead them to become the future quality students, professionals and citizens of tomorrow.

The Seoul French School (LFS) project?

Ensuring that all students and teams grow together, developing their language skills, accompanying everyone’s projects, accompanying those who manage to go further, supporting those most in need, going outside the classroom walls to discover the world and the others. , by building a collaborative community.

Multiculturalism in everyday life

I want the LFS to be a place for learning and sharing, where students learn the basics, the values ​​valued in French education such as analysis and critical thinking, autonomy and teamwork, the art and philosophy, while enriching each other’s culture and history. .
During the year, students and teachers participate in numerous cultural projects, such as Hangeul Week where students from the Petite Section at the Terminal discover Korean culture and history, create, build, and share their works.

A multilingual education

The power of speech and the ability to do so in multiple languages ​​is a goal I share with you. The LFS offers a French and international schooling project, thanks to the language courses leading to the baccalaureate, a diploma recognized by universities around the world, and its international choice through the course in the American International Section from the CP up to high school, giving your child the opportunity to learn about American culture and literature.

In September 2019 we also inaugurated the first Gateway Class which offers students aged 6 to 11 an intensive learning of French for a successful schooling, in order to integrate their class full time in the space of “A school year”.

Our language learning policy starts from the Small Section, where our youngest students are introduced to English and Korean, and leads them to study between 3 and 4 languages ​​(French, English, Korean, German / Spanish). throughout its formation. We are proud to have among our students, multilingual students studying at prestigious universities in France and abroad.

An international network during and after school

The agreement signed between the Agency for the Teaching of French Abroad (AEFE) and the LFS offers our students the opportunity to participate in sporting, cultural, scientific and civic encounters, to live unforgettable experiences with others. schools and students in the Asia-Pacific region. .

The approval of the French Ministry of National Education also guarantees the continuity of the French education of our students who join us or who then continue their training in another establishment in France or the AEFE network. Whether it’s a long-term or medium-term school, the entire LFS team strives to provide the best possible learning environment for your child. Finally, all high school students are part of the AGORA exchange platform that connects high school students and students of AEFE establishments to discover their experiences and backgrounds, build their orientation and integrate a network around the world.

Address: 7 Seorae-ro, Banpo 4 (sa) -dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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