Media, information and education for the image in the region of the Great East

To support this policy, the DRAC Grand Est is organizing a call for projects in favor of the media, information and image education, with the following objectives:

  • implement media, information and image education actions that make it possible to understand the information fabric and help to decipher it;
  • to raise awareness of the journalistic profession and its current issues;
  • to support the development of a practice and an informed reception of the different media;
  • to raise awareness of freedom of expression and to promote citizen participation in the democratic debate by promoting media co-productions relating to the territory.

Eligible projects

Media, information and image literacy actions

They are eligible:

  • media, information and image education actions carried out by associations, communities or libraries. Special attention is paid to projects aimed at people aged 6 to 25;
  • training actions for trainers or speakers for people aged 6 to 25;
  • actions for the development, improvement and dissemination of mediation tools and resources (content platform, fact sheets, workshops, videos, etc.).

Residences for journalists

Journalists’ residencies are intended to support projects carried out by the territories, in order to:

  • qualify existing productions or develop new publishing projects by promoting partnerships between local media and interested professional media, whether local or national;
  • launch media, information and image education actions for people involved in new publishing or local media projects;
  • implement media, information and image education actions for people aged 6 to 25, including extracurricular and school hours.

These residences must:

  • talk to professional journalists (freelance journalists or journalists integrated in a newsroom);
  • include the participation of one or more local or national media;
  • to present a program of interventions in the educational centers of the territory;
  • involve local cultural structures (libraries, MJCs, museums, etc.);
  • launch an original survey project mobilizing the people of the territory.

Residences can be run by a single journalist (including cartoonists, photojournalists, cartoonists) or a team / group of journalists, affect all types of media and are based on a wide variety of reception structures and / or or associations (cultural, sociocultural). , educational, etc.).

Media productions

These projects, supported by local structures, invite journalists to carry out media productions (paper, radio, audiovisual, photographic, etc.) in relation to a territory, with the aim, in particular, of establishing links, taking a look and to report on the daily life of the inhabitants of territories through a journalist’s residence that may be itinerant. This project will include a meeting and awareness component for the media and information, aimed mainly at young people aged 6 to 25. Special attention will be paid to projects in rural areas and in political districts of the city.

Eligible structures

  • local actors in media education
  • local actors of popular education
  • local bodies for municipal, intermunicipal, departmental libraries, archive services or digital public spaces
  • cultural structures
  • local, departmental or regional media: press releases, online press services, radio, web radio, television, web TV.

Constitution of the file

The grant application file must include:

  • a letter of motivated request addressed to the regional director of Cultural Affairs of the Great East specifying the amount of aid requested and demonstrating its incentive effect
  • duly completed project description form (download below)
  • the estimated budget for the action (expenses and income)
  • for associations: the informed deer
  • for local entities: the deliberation or decision that validates the project and the expenditure.
Document to complete:

EMI 2022 project call form – DRAC Grand Est.docx

doc – 38 KB

To download

Transmission of the file

The file must be sent by e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

  • no later than 1 May 2022 for projects taking place before August 31, 2022;
  • no later than 1 September 2022 for projects taking place from September.
Information (by e-mail: [email protected])

Great East Regional Coordination: Colette Gravel

  • Strasbourg website : Philippe Charrier – Rachel Giovannelli
  • Chalons-en-Champagne site : Delphine Quereux-Sbai – Chantal Tabourin
  • Metz site : Colette Gravier – Patricia Liboni

Download the call for projects

Call for media, information and image education projects 2022 – DRAC Grand Est.docx

doc – 18 KB

To download

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