French EdTech is structured between start-ups and established players

The first edition of the Salon EdTech du Supérieur made it possible to discover many companies that are trying to break into this sector. Start-ups and historical actors are turning to digital with innovative platforms.

The EdTech du Supérieur show, organized by Figaro Étudiant Pro, in collaboration with EdTech France, was held on November 20 at the Carreau du Temple. The aim was to create an unprecedented day, bringing together start-ups, ESRs and continuing education experts to give an overview of current and future transformations. On the program: round tables, prospective conferences, interviews and initial campaigns, within a BtoB fair dedicated to those responsible for higher education! A brief summary of the main attendees of this show and its news:

Edtech France

Since May 2018, the EdTech France association has brought together the actors of the French EdTech ecosystem to represent today a national network of EdTech companies, institutional and associative partners, large companies and institutions of higher education, all interested in the transformation of learning into digital. age, and spread throughout the territory. In 2021, there are 380 members of EdTech companies positioned in the three market segments (school, higher education and vocational training), 45 public and private partners, 7 regional hubs.


5Discovery presented its solutions to immersive learning education players. This makes it possible to add action, learning and excitement, and thus adds efficiency to the training. Equipped with a simple virtual reality headset or using their computer, immersion students learn using scenarios. “The whole point of immersive learning is that the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and virtual reality,” said Sofia Rufin, CEO of 5Discovery. amphitheater for example or even different behaviors in the context of a conflict or job interview situations. Immersive learning allows for better memorization of information because it creates emotional markers. ” The first virtual reality softskills training platform, the French start-up of French Tech, offers training with specific training to make the training more attractive and effective. Public speaking, stress management, leadership, conflict management, negotiation, disability awareness, diversity and inclusion in all these forms … are part of its catalog. 5Discovery supports many universities, colleges, CFAs, Greta or training centers in their digital and educational transformation.


Launched in 2007, UbiCast is a French specialist in interactive video learning solutions. Your ambition? Enhance student success by making video an attractive, collaborative, and future-proof product. With Nudgis, UbiCast has created the benchmark video platform for recording, editing and distributing your video knowledge. With interactive features, teachers and students interact with content in innovative ways. Today, UbiCast solutions are used daily in more than 250 stores around the world.


GlobalExam is the EdTech specialist in ultra-personalized language training. Your mission? Allow everyone to learn languages ​​and carry out their projects with individualized support. GlobalExam covers 37 exams and offers training itineraries in 5 languages ​​through an intuitive e-learning platform. Today, GlobalExam supports more than 1.5 million GlobalPlayers in 80 countries and more than 1,500 companies, training organizations, and universities.


Specializing in the world of job training, Studea allows the monitoring and evaluation of the learner through a web interface accessible at any time from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The platform strengthens and dynamizes the links between the 3 actors of the trio, apprentice, tutor and learning teacher. It is possible to follow in real time the evolution of the missions carried out and the skills acquired by the apprentice both in the company and in the training center.


Hybridization is a real need of the superior. Before, between, or after lessons, Didask allows you to deploy correction, update, or revision modules, in white or hard skills. Its adaptive learning algorithm is based on cognitive science to customize the subject of each student according to what is really useful for their learning: difficulty, subjects, cognitive load …


Tosa’s ambition is to reveal everyone’s skills by establishing an international standard for the certification of digital skills. Tosa certifications allow students to increase their employability by helping them improve their office, digital or programming skills. The company offers educators an online, robust and reliable solution that meets their educational needs.


Verifdiploma puts high technology at the service of the verification of diplomas and curricula in France and abroad to clarify the path of candidates in the eyes of recruiters and higher education centers.


Wooclap allows teachers to involve their students in their learning using their computer or smartphone. The aim of the platform is to draw students’ attention and measure their level of comprehension, in class or at a distance, in a synchronous and asynchronous manner. Wooclap integrates with the digital work environment and the applications that teachers already use on a daily basis (PowerPoint, Google Slides, Genially, Canvas, Microsoft Teams …).


Linguaphone Education supports the entire language system of an establishment. His pedagogical engineering department specializes in content media coverage. Its LMS (learning management system) consists of scalable and robust interfaces. The company designs digital routes for learners, allowing for tailored monitoring and reporting by administrative services.


OSCAR Campus CRM is a SAAS CRM software for higher education centers, which allows them to manage their needs: recruitment, applications, students, alumni communities, business relationships, prescribers, etc. OSCAR Campus CRM tools allow you to centralize your contacts, communicate. (via email / SMS / mail / phone), automate your actions and monitor your performance.

PARCOURSMETIERS.TV is the first video-oriented video-sharing assistance platform available to young people. allows young people to gradually find the job they like and the training it brings thanks to more than 6,000 videos made by themselves and validated by teachers and professionals. The business / training videos offered by companies complement those of young people


Campus Skills is the first platform to bring together a portfolio of skills and an e-learning brochure. Digitize and validate a skills repository. Thanks to the competency-based approach, it is possible to keep track of internships, projects and professional situations. The solution also allows you to deploy an eportfolio for learners and offer them a service by helping them build their experiences in professional skills.


Reality Academy is an EdTech startup specializing in “Learning by Doing”. It immerses students in real situations in order to train them through practice thanks to virtual reality. In collaboration with business experts, the startup has developed the largest catalog of RV training on different topics: management, sales, safety at work, road safety, cybersecurity or even diversity in the company. The company highlights its results: a memorization of messages 4 times more effective and 87% of learners who want to repeat the experience.


ChallengeMe is a peer-to-peer learning and assessment solution created in 2017. Since the beginning of this course, it has been working with business schools, engineering schools, universities, preparatory schools and even high schools! Among its clients: SKEMA, EMLYON, VINCI, University of Montpellier, INCJ … etc. The main advantages of the solution are the simplicity and flexibility to carry out peer-to-peer activities. Teachers can start an activity in 2 minutes from a Moodle, for example. They work together to create a relevant and effective activity with the platform with our team of coaches.


This company is developing a platform to reinforce pedagogical practices per project, in existing or future systems (end-of-course projects, open innovation, entrepreneurship, case studies, etc.). With the combination of the concepts of methodology, coaching and assessment by competencies, Oktonine promotes the success of the project, the acquisition of skills, the development of SoftSkills and allows learning through real situations, thanks to the implementation in relation in companies.


Diplomeo is a platform to connect students and higher education institutions in France. Published by HelloWork, the platform supports more than 40% of high school graduates and their parents in their training search each year. More than 150,000 prospective students get in touch each year with the more than 5,000 schools referenced in Diplomeo. Graduates can also learn about their future school by discovering photos and videos of the facilities and testimonials of current students. There is also a lot of news about guidance, diplomas or paperwork.

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