evaluation after one year in Tesla Model 3 LR

The positive:

It’s fast, and no, it doesn’t age. Having all this acceleration at any time, instantly, never ages. And it can be incredibly useful. Also, it’s very satisfying to know that you can overtake any Porsche Cayenne driven by Karen or any Pickup driver who thinks he dominates the road.

I don’t pay for gas. With current prices, I save between € 100 and € 150 a month on my Giulia’s fuel. It costs me about € 5.63 to fill from an empty tank at home. (I would if I didn’t have solar power too, so it’s really free).

When it comes to maintenance, I have literally done nothing in the car other than washing machine liquid. And of course, there is no oil change. It saved me time and money.

Technology, I still think technology is great in this car. I have used apps many times in situations where I have had to stay in the car for long periods of time. (Once I locked myself out of the house and didn’t even care, I just waited for my girlfriend to get in the car).

I also live in a cold region and having the heater on from the application without wasting fuel is great. My car is always nice and warm when I go to work, and it doesn’t make much noise when idling.

You will attract a lot of attention, for better or for worse. People will always ask you questions, people will always ask you to guide them. But unfortunately, you’ll become “The Tesla Guy,” where everyone will face you every time something Tesla-related happens on the news, as if you’re the brand’s spokesperson.


The recharge.

The grill is great and I don’t think you can make road trips with other electric vehicles like you can with a Tesla. My longest trip was about 400 miles each way. I had no problem finding superchargers.

However … It’s really not much cheaper than a fuel efficient car. Superchargers are not that cheap. It cost me about $ 65 for every 750-800 miles. I think a modern 4-cylinder could easily reach that price and make the trip in less time.

Construction quality.

Honestly, it’s not half the bad thing the internet would want, sorry guys. But it is certainly not extraordinary. Luckily there aren’t many moving parts and buttons, you don’t hear much noise in the cabin.

But it can be said that it is not exactly the most elegant car, especially for the price. My speakers have a bit of vibration noise in low, very loud songs, but so does Giulia with the Harman Kardon sound system (* shrug *).

The absence of buttons.

Honestly, I still prefer to have buttons for many things in this car. There are some very simple functions that are complicated by the lack of physical buttons. These are mainly climate controls and things like wipers. However, you do get used to it after a while. I would have preferred buttons, yes. Am I interested now? Not really.

The bad:


These cars aren’t really ready for winter, other than having climate controls from an app. Flush door handles often freeze, making it difficult to open. Sometimes windows freeze in the closed or open position due to the function that opens the window slightly when you open the door.

Tesla Model 3 in winter

But worst of all, your range will absolutely shit in bed. A 30-40% drop easily. Electric vehicles are not good for the winter range at all (this is not specific to Tesla). Which brings me to my next complaint.


EPA estimates are very generous. We are talking about a day of 70 ° F (21 ° C), as we drive through the city. On the highway, you’ll lose a lot more rank from 65 degrees (18 ° C). Yes, it is the opposite of cars with internal combustion engine.

So you’ll need to recharge quite often while traveling. I stopped suffering from rank anxiety after a month, I learned the limits of the vehicle, and yes, there are quite a few.


It lacks extremely basic features, especially for this price range. The two that really come to mind are a blind spot monitor and a “HUD” (Front display system). I think the car really needs both, as it doesn’t have a dashboard, they will help you keep your eyes on the screen more often than you need to look for this information.

Also, I don’t really see the point in Tesla having Apple Car Play and Android Auto. I prefer to use my own navigation apps, although Tesla’s is probably the best integrated on the road.

Verdict: This may come as a surprise to some, but not to others, but …

Despite my complaints, I honestly think it’s the best car I’ve ever had. Nothing can compete with not having to go to the pump, and it’s a pretty nice reassurance not to have to worry about major maintenance often. Whenever you’re behind a car and you smell something burned, you should never say, “I hope it’s not me.” (It amazes me that people do it all the time lol).

Besides, my God, it’s very fast and it doesn’t age. It’s like a roller coaster every time. I don’t miss the gears, I don’t miss the delays, or the hard shifts, or the cold shit starts. For some it is a lack of personality and feeling, for me it is soft, surprising and above all constant.

But there is one thing to say. I’m more of an EV fan than a Tesla fan specifically. If another company can offer similar specifications, at a similar price, and catch up with their load infrastructure. I wouldn’t mind upgrading to something with a more complex interior.


Plus, this Taycan is really sexy.

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