Eric Zemmour’s program “for France to remain France”


– Establish a real referendum on citizen initiative.

– Obtain from the EU the end of the primacy of European law and revise Article 55 of the Constitution accordingly.

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Ecology, energy, transport

– Launch at least fourteen new EPR nuclear reactors.

– Eliminate the goal of reducing the nuclear quota from 70% to 50% by 2035.

– Complete all wind projects.

– Get the EU to introduce a carbon tax on its borders.

– Eliminate areas of low mobility emissions (“Crit’Air” sticker)

– Eliminate license points.

– Return to 90 km / h on national and departmental roads and 50 km / h in the city.

– Limit parking fines to € 17 (currently € 35 to € 75).

Family, education

– Restoring the universality of family benefits (abolished in 2014).

– Fold the ceiling of the family quotient.

– Allow parents to freely distribute parental leave (currently: sixteen weeks of maternity leave and twenty-eight days of paternity leave).

– Introduce a birth premium of € 10,000 in rural municipalities.

– Change the name of the Ministry of National Education to the Ministry of Public Instruction, and the Principal Education Advisers to General Supervisors.

– Advance the teaching career by merit and no longer by seniority.

– Prohibit the intervention in schools of associations of the fight against sexism, racism or homophobia.

– Achieve the use of gowns in primary school.

– Suspend family benefits in case of absenteeism or serious and repeated disturbances.

– Create integration boarding schools for the most severely disruptive students.


– Repeal the fatherless WFP.

– Reject surrogacy.

Work, employment, purchasing power

– Increase the net wages of “low-income workers” (unspecified) by reducing employees’ social security contributions.

– Total exemption from overtime on social security contributions and tax.

– Exempt from social contributions bonuses on merit up to three months of net salary.

– Create a tax-free “innovation notebook” for investments in innovative companies.

– Obtain from the EU the possibility of reserving a part of public procurement to French companies.

– Create a single register of beneficiaries of social assistance.

– Set up a biometric Vitale card (fingerprints).

– Establish a right to priority housing for French single mothers.


– Increase the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

Taxation, civil service

– Abolish the audiovisual license fee (€ 138) and privatize part (unspecified) of the public audiovisual sector.

Give it away

– Introduce minimum penalties for all crimes and offenses.

– Establish an incompressible life sentence (currently convertible after 30 years in prison).

– Reduce the majority of criminal age from 18 to 16 years.

– Eliminate social assistance for criminals and delinquents (or their parents for minors).

– Evict people convicted of drug trafficking (or their parents for minors) from social housing.

– Loss of French nationality and expulsion of persons with dual nationality criminals and delinquents in case of recidivism.

– Deport criminals (at the end of their sentence) and foreign criminals.

– Expel all foreigners with an S for Islamism.

– Evict all squatters without a court order in less than 72 hours.

– Transform self-defense into an “excusable defense” not conditioned by the proportionality between attack and response.

– Establish a presumption of self-defense for law enforcement.

international, defense

– Oppose France’s veto within the EU of any new free trade agreement.

– Reject any new EU enlargement.

– Break accession negotiations with Turkey.


– Leave the Schengen area to regain control of our borders.

– Suppress family reunification.

– Abolish the right to land in favor of the exclusive right to blood.

– Abolish all social assistance to non-European foreigners.

– Expelling unemployed foreigners after six months.

– Obligation of asylum seekers to submit their application abroad (consulates).

– Eliminate all aid to illegal immigrants, including state medical aid.

– Prohibit any regularization of illegal immigrants.


– Prohibit the use of the Muslim veil in all public spaces.

– Prohibit the construction of minarets and large mosques.

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