And here is the new website of the city of Le Creusot

It aims to be very functional for users and therefore for the inhabitants of Le Creusot. It is also a showcase for the city.

It premiered on Wednesday, March 23, after several months of closure. It is, therefore, the spring of the website of the city of Le Creusot. The new portal was unveiled on Wednesday afternoon by Mayor David Marti and Hugo Nieddu, Deputy Advisor for Participatory Democracy and Digital Development.
For an investment of 33,500 euros, it has been developed by the company Stratis, winner of the tender and specialized in plots dedicated to communities.
The new website of the city of Le Creusot presents a new graphic card in harmony with the new logo of the city of Pilon. It offers a lot of ergonomics, to facilitate navigation with good accessibility obviously to all the services offered by the city and the possibility for a user, for example, to pay for the school canteen.

Computer, tablet or telephone … It is easily accessible. It is also a gateway to social media where the city of Le Creusot is located. It provides information on the latest information, but also an agenda that can be complemented by associations. In short, it is simply practical.


Click here to access the website of the city of Le Creusot

To find out more:

In order to facilitate the procedures for users and promote the city, Le Creusot has a new website.
For some months now, Le Creusot City Council has been working on a process to improve its image and develop its appeal. The stakes are high, as it is about promoting the city and its assets beyond its borders to attract new residents, new project promoters and new businesses.
The first step was the decline of a new visual identity, with a new logo introduced last September. In the digital age, it was important at the same time to strengthen the digital identity of the city: the redesign of the website and the strengthening of the presence on social networks fulfill this goal.

A new website
More modern, more practical and functional, the new website has been completely redesigned to allow users to quickly find the information they want and show the full potential of the city with just a few clicks.

It is suitable for all media: computers of course, but also smartphones and tablets (which now make up the majority of online queries).

By browsing the homepage you will discover several points:
• The menu bar
• Quick access
• The news channel: news
• Right now: the calendar of events
• Publications: Le Creusot Mag ‘, the main brochures, downloadable guides
• Associated websites

The menu bar:
You will find an interactive map to locate the main points of interest. It can be filtered according to the object sought: sports equipment, schools, etc.
There are also online paperwork and a search tool. In just a few clicks, you can find the information you need or request a birth certificate, for example.

The menu is structured in 3 sections:
• Citizenship (living in the city, getting involved, protecting): the city council, associations, participatory democracy, etc.
• Family (growing up, realizing, aging): childhood, youth, the elderly, solidarity, etc.
• Creative (move, discover, flourish): sport, culture, big projects

In addition to presenting in a more relevant way the services and actions of the City Council, the website offers users many features: register your child in the dining room through the family portal, apply for job offers online, book a time slot at the Park Aquatic Complex, pay online, check school menus, etc.
This website is an evolving tool. It can be complemented with new content or new features.

Deployment on social media
Used wisely, social media is an effective communication channel. They allow you to quickly transmit information from the community and reach a younger audience, which is more difficult to reach with traditional channels.

Le Creusot City Council is already active on Facebook. The page has over 5000 subscribers. It alerts people to upcoming events and promotes municipal action. To achieve other goals and reach an increasingly diverse audience, Le Creusot City Council will be deployed on three new platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Instagram is an image-based social network. It will enhance the attractiveness and aesthetics of the city. It can be used to highlight heritage and provide a different perspective.
LinkedIn is a professional network. It will strengthen the City Council’s business brand and potentially attract new profiles.
Twitter is a network based on real-time snapshot and news tracking. It will allow you to react and transmit information very quickly.

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