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“Fiber, we’ve been waiting for it for years” ; “The building in front is equipped, not ours” ; “A closet has been installed on our street but we are not yet eligible”… These are, in fact, recurring comments heard during neighborhood councils in recent years. However, these allusions are becoming increasingly rare. Venetians’ appetite for high-speed Internet is being satisfied. Neighborhood after neighborhood, street after street, building after building, the fiber optic network is expanding.

By the beginning of 2022, a large majority of the municipal territory is already connectable. According to Arcep (Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority), in Vénissieux, approximately five out of six homes and commercial premises can benefit from the high speeds offered by fiber optics. The latest figures released by the “telecommunications police” advanced a connection level of 83% by the end of September 2021.

Let’s recap. While in September 2020, approximately 26,000 addresses were eligible, more than 32,000 locations were connected during the third quarter of 2021, or 6,000 more in one year.

The current coverage rate, 83%, is slightly lower than the average for cities classified by Arcep as very dense areas (ZTD), around 86%. These large cities, of which Vénisieux is a part, can count on the presence of several infrastructure operators who are in the race to stretch the network to the foot of the buildings.

100% of the national territory covered in 2025

“In Vénissieux, the level of deployment is good, observes Guillaume Garnier, head of the Arcep’s Fixed Coverage and Deployment Unit. But the pace is not entirely satisfactory. Infrastructure operators initially concentrated their efforts on dense areas. Arcep says they do not forget the less dense areas where deployment can be a little more complex. »

Whatever happens, 100% of the national territory should be fiber by 2025. This goal is set by the government, through the Plan France very high speed. The call for projects also envisages “very high speed for everyone” -30 Mbit / s at least – at the end of 2022.

Specifically, at the end of the year, each subscriber should benefit from a speed higher than 30 Mbit / s, that is, about four times more than with a correct ADSL. Mainly thanks to the fiber, but also by the SFR coaxial cable, which provides the last meters of connection between the street cabinet and the living room box, or even 4G fixed or very good copper (VDSL2 standard).

88% of subscribers benefit from a very high speed

But can we expect better for Vénissieux? That is, a fully fiber network by the end of 2022 and, consequently, a minimum speed of 100 Mbit / s for each subscriber? Neither the regulator nor the two active infrastructure operators in the city (Orange and SFR) guarantee this. But all dreams are allowed for the approximately 4,000 subscribers (12% of the total) who have not yet been able to experience the joys of very high speed (30 Mbit / s more).

“Our commitment is to complete our deployment in Vénissieux by the end of 2022, recalls the regional management of Orange, the main infrastructure operator in the municipality. We have come a long way and are in line with our goals. At the beginning of the year, we still have 2% of the territory to connect, not counting the 7% of new housing that was not planned at the beginning. »

At the moment, in Vénissieux, the disparities regarding the speed of the Internet remain. Although 83% of subscribers are well equipped, with a speed of 1 Gbit / s, a small minority still row. 3% remain stuck with a modest 3 Mbits / s on the meter (data from June 30, 2021).

How do I know if I am eligible for fiber?

The eligibility test can be done online in seconds on the Arias website. Just fill in your address or landline number to find out about the subscriptions offered by the different operators in your home.

“Having a good connection speed is essential”

Bayrem Braïki, Deputy for Digital Innovation and Development

“Recently, the pandemic has accelerated the evolution of mentalities. People found themselves locked in their homes. Everyone had to adapt to the digital tool. Culture has been able to live through digital. In order not to be disconnected from society, we have to live very fast. Digital equipment has proliferated in homes. To keep the kids busy, by telecommuting, we quickly realize the limits of an ADSL connection. And in the professional context, having a good connection speed is essential.

Fortunately, during the health crisis, the operators worked well and continued to deploy fiber in Vénissieux. Obviously, we are never satisfied, but a big step has been taken since the start of the deployment in the Moulin-à-Vent district. Now the vast majority of the city is fiber. Residents are fans of fiber optics. For their part, Internet service providers practice an aggressive business approach. They now offer fiber subscriptions for less than 30 euros a month. They kill ADSL and encourage their customers to switch to fiber. The City Council is there to support the residents. We fight the digital divide. We are integrating digital into our municipal actions and developing our own fiber network for our municipal buildings. »


Adam F. (Charréard): “Hard to get back to ADSL”

“I spent a year without fiber after leaving my apartment in Saint-Priest. Once I took advantage of the very high speed, it’s hard to go back to ADSL. I felt like I was going back years. It was painful. When The two computers connected at the same time, it was very slow. For my smartphone, it was better to use 4G than Wi-Fi. With 50GB of data, I had a lot to do. the speed of ADSL was getting weaker and more unstable.

But I won’t complain too much. Once I was eligible, it was done quite easily, although three more weeks passed between the signing of the contract and the intervention of the technician to come and pull the cord in my living room. I was already in Orange and I didn’t have to change operators. Price level, I’m in it. The 400 Mbps offer was no more expensive. And there were no connection fees to pay. But in a few months I will be turning to suppliers because I see prices going down. A friend of mine just found an offer of about fifteen euros a month. »

Françoise K. (Minguettes Sud): “We had to change operators”

“It’s been a year since we’ve been connected to fiber. We have been waiting for it for a long time. Compared to ADSL, the network is much faster. Above all, we no longer have children at home. Previously, I used Ethernet cables to connect the TV and computers to the box, to have more power than with Wi-Fi. With fiber, navigation is more comfortable. My kids love downloading and sending files and video games online.

The process had been very complicated. We had to change operators. We went from Bouygues to Orange, which was the operator in charge of the deployment. At first it was more expensive but after three months we were able to switch to Free, which offered us a subscription of 20 euros per month. We are now waiting to be able to compete with the offers of the access providers because the prices increase after one year of affiliation. Let’s play with it. »

What are the benefits of fiber optics?

High speed internet

Fiber optics, made of glass or plastic, carry large amounts of data at the speed of light. The fiber network is configured to supplant ADSL technology. The latter uses the traditional copper wire of the telephone network. According to Orange, the dismantling of the ADSL network will begin in France in 2026 and end in 2030.
Fiber optic speeds of more than 100 Mbit / s (megabits per second) offer better quality of service. With an almost instantaneous display of Internet pages, online browsing is smoother. But the big advantage is still the speed of downloading and sending large files.
According to Arias, a broker specializing in the telecommunications sector, a 500 Mbit / s fiber offers a download time of approximately 60 times faster than ADSL (8 Mbit / s). For a 3 GB HD movie, it takes 48 seconds with fiber, compared to 50 minutes with ADSL.

Multiple uses

Watching videos or TV shows online in high definition, 4K (ultra high definition) or even 3D is no longer a challenge. The same goes for a la carte games (cloud games), whose popularity is growing.
Another advantage: the ability to enjoy a simultaneous connection to all home screens (TV, PC, tablet, phone), without stability problems.
The speed and stability offered by the fiber optic network open the door to cutting-edge applications, such as home automation, telemedicine or even video surveillance.

Fiber pro: now companies are well equipped

Good news for the many SMEs, SMEs and large groups based in Vénissieux: the fiber optic network dedicated to companies is already well established.

“In the 59 municipalities of the Metropolis, 98% of establishments with six or more employees are connectable, explains Jérôme Granger, project manager of the Métropole. The same observation in Vénissieux, where the deployment is at least as advanced. »

The construction and operation of this dedicated network has been entrusted to a private structure, Grand Lyon THD, as part of a public service delegation. This Covage subsidiary opened its services at the end of 2016 and was able to benefit from a contribution from the Métropole worth 4 million euros. The objectives are many: to speed up the coverage of the territory, to offer a homogeneous network and to make it available to a multitude of operators to lower the prices of season tickets.

Debit guaranteed and a la carte

“Before there was not much competition and the prices were prohibitive, sums up Jérôme Granger. There are currently a hundred operators available. » If companies use more professional fiber than the consumer network, it’s because the level of service is higher. “Each company chooses its level of performance. The uplink (upload) and downlink (download) speeds are symmetrical and guaranteed. When you choose 100 Mbit / s, it is 100 Mbit / s. In the event of an interruption, recovery is guaranteed in less than four hours, 24 hours a day. There is a penalty if the provider fails. »

Grand Lyon TDH fiber allows speeds of up to 1 Gbit / s, or even more. “In general, companies choose between 100 and 500 Mbit / s, observes Jerome Granger. Subscriptions range from 120 euros a month to several hundred. But a craftsman or a VSE can be satisfied with a subscription of less than 100 euros. In about 10% of cases, the company uses dark fiber, which offers unlimited speeds. This fiber is rather geared towards large accounts that may have very specific needs. »

Is your business suitable for fiber optics? Try performing on the Covage site.

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