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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] In a context of exit from the health crisis and resumption of activity, YOOTEL offers complete telecommunications offers adapted to the needs of companies. Wissem Bouguila, co-founder and CEO of YOOTEL answers our questions.

Can you introduce YOOTEL?

YOOTEL is a brand of Yooth IT, an alternative telecommunications operator, specialized for companies. Created at the end of 2011, the company now has about thirty workers spread over 3 centers, Paris, Tunis and Casablanca. YOOTEL is an approved operator, interconnected with the main French and European operators, in order to respond to all commercial requests. Our customers are, mainly from the business, SMEs and SMEs that we support through our solutions towards digital transformation.

For about ten years and thanks to our geographical position in this case in Tunisia and Morocco, we have accompanied multiple outsourcers in the management of their relationship with the customer and this in different channels such as IP telephony traditionally, but also in others. media such as SMS or SMS. voicemail.

For the past 2 years, we have also adopted, at the request of our clients, the editorial limit. To our great satisfaction, we have provided you with cloud-based Call Center software that allows you to accurately manage the data portion of your business.

What tools does YOOTEL offer?

In the face of increasingly connected customers, our solutions must be able to cover as many channels as possible.

We offer customized and turnkey solutions, through our centrex and telephony convergence solutions, in order to cover quite complex needs. They can be companies looking to reduce costs or improve mobility, which is why YOOTEL’s solution has more than 200 features in IP telephony in the Centrex IP cloud and the Cloud Call Center software (call forwarding, voicemail, voicemail , etc.). Our goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price. YOOTEL is also aimed at companies looking for added value and want to interconnect their business tools with telephony to gain in efficiency, simplicity and expand their mobility. This allows, for example, to centralize, track, record all calls received from a landline or mobile phone in the CRM, show the number of a landline if you call from a mobile, in short the idea is to have the office. in your pocket.

YOOTEL offers tools for fixed-mobile convergence, thanks to agreements made with traditional operators in France. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, this feature was not widespread. From now on, this option is widely acclaimed by employees, encouraged by the development of telecommuting.

YOOTEL also offers to connect this fixed-mobile convergence to unified communication solutions like Teams, at an affordable price. We can also offer these unified communications solutions to companies that do not have them.

In general, we are especially sensitive to the notion of commitment. Our teams support our customers in the implementation of processes, in order to build their loyalty and offer them a multitude of services.

Has the health crisis had an impact on your business?

The Covid-19 has accelerated digitization and mobility in companies with, among other things, the rise of teleworking. YOOTEL has been able to adapt quickly to meet the needs of our customers, both companies and contact centers. This period, in particular the first confinement, pushed us to strengthen our offer, offering a high added value compared to traditional telephony. Today, with our tools, we are improving the connectivity of our customers with their CRM server and business tools, in order to help them better manage their business. Our solutions cover 100% of the needs.

What are the challenges in your industry?

The telecommunications sector is doing well. However, there is a real issue around the regulation of the sector in order to better protect the privacy of users. That is why we work with regulators, the DGCCRF and other operators. There are also technical issues with improving the network and the customer experience.

2022 is also the year of the data. It is essential for companies not only to collect but also to analyze and “make their DATA talk” and we support our customers in this process. Our tools allow us to connect our customers’ telephony to their CRM to archive, track and record all their interactions. The aim is to take care of the company’s image with its customers and build loyalty.

What are the trends in your industry?

The development of 5G is the main trend. But I don’t think 5G should be the mainstay of Telecom. Because it involves more antenna performance, more power consumption, and therefore a greater impact on the environment. The issue is, therefore, to fiber as many directions as possible, especially in areas with little or no service, to increase the competitiveness of companies. All infrastructure operators should make efforts at fiber prices, especially outside large cities, to improve accessibility.

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