Macron: social leasing to finance access to the electric car

“I would rather accompany our compatriots to help them buy vehicles that consume less fuel than continue to pay for part of their gas tank,” the presidential candidate for re-election said during a first campaign speech in Aubervilliers on the 17th. March. Rest assured, Emmanuel Macron is not proposing to dive into the coffers of the state to finance the purchase of an electric car for all French households. Nor does it imagine imposing on our domestic manufacturers the manufacture of a single model, at the cost price set arbitrarily by the administration.

No, behind the formula of 100,000 electric cars for 100 euros a month hides nothing more and nothing less than a subsidized long-term rental mechanism. Understand that the state would assume the amount of the monthly payment beyond the first hundred euros. The aim of this membership voucher, which does not say its name and is very similar to Anne Hidalgo’s “social leasing” proposal, is to “support the energy transition” and reduce the monthly cost of the electric car. a “lower than the cost of a gas vehicle”.

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