6 reasons to switch to organic food for your cat

Are you hesitant to feed your little one organic food? If it really looks more expensive, it has multiple benefits for the health and welfare of the animal. Composed of quality ingredients from organic farming, these organic foods are gaining more and more space on the shelves, but are still struggling to convince most cat owners. Find out 6 reasons to switch to this feeding mode for your little one.

Organic food for your cat: what are we talking about?

It is not always easy to understand what characterizes organic cat food. Often confused with natural foods and considered expensive, organic foods are, however, a great way to feed your cat and take care of his health.

In fact, organic food is devoid of chemicals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) along its production chain, from harvest to storage. It also consists of quality ingredients and own animals fed with food from organic farming.

How can you be sure of this high quality and the absence of chemical compounds? Simply thanks to the labels that stick to the packaging of these products, at least when they are really eco-friendly. The AB (organic farming) label and the Eurofeuille are the best known and guarantee the quality of the products, because the manufacturers are subject to a very strict letter to obtain and maintain this certification. Pâtés, croquettes or sweets, you can find all categories of cat food with this type of label.

Real organic foods, to clearly distinguish them from supermarket products that carry an “organic” note when they often only contain one ingredient that is truly organic, are generally more expensive to buy than standard food products. It is a fact that between 15% and 20% more is actually needed for equal amounts.

On the other hand, the value for money is far from identical! Organic feed is, in fact, of better quality, more satisfying and more respectful of the animal’s nutritional needs. Therefore, your kitten enjoys better health, which costs you less in veterinary costs.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 arguments that will show you that organic cat food is the best choice!

Organic food for your cat: 6 reasons to go!

Offering organic food to your little one is a great way to preserve your health and well-being. Here are 6 good reasons to go.

Good reason # 1: Quality food

To be labeled as feline organic food must meet very strict specifications. The ingredients that make up organic croquettes, pâtés and sweets are free of chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. The animal foods that make them up also come from animals fed with organic food and raised in more favorable conditions and respectful of their welfare.

Organic cat food is designed with top quality ingredients and made according to manufacturing processes that retain their nutritional qualities. As a result, the animal receives a portion that meets its daily nutritional and energy needs.

Better fed with 100% natural quality products, satiated faster. As proof, a bag of organic croquettes lasts much longer than a large-scale product with the same capacity! This phenomenon is explained by the fact that organic products are more nutritious. Therefore, they are needed in smaller amounts to better feed the cat and reduce the risk of overweight and obesity.

Also, as you may have noticed, the extra cost of buying a bag is offset very quickly by the lengthening of the duration of its consumption.

Good reason n ° 2: the cat’s health is better preserved

The effects of organic food on cat health are unstoppable. The high nutritional quality of these ingredients of first choice allows to satisfy all the real needs of the cat. The animal needs less food to be satiated and to meet its daily nutritional needs, and these components are of high quality, richer in protein and nutrients needed for its health.

It strengthens the cat’s immune system, which preserves its daily well-being and helps it fight many diseases.

As a test, the beneficial effects seen in almost 85% of cats that tried organic food after three weeks of consumption are as follows:

  • his coat is brighter, stronger, and softer;
  • their skin is healthier and more beautiful, not parasitized by synthetic chemical additives and bad sugars contained in traditional foods;
  • its digestion is easier with a reduced risk of bloating, irritation, gas, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea;
  • its traffic is more efficient;
  • they are more energetic, more playful, more dynamic, more toned;
  • the risk of being overweight and obese is reduced;
  • the risk of diabetes is reduced;
  • they are more resistant to feline pathologies thanks to a strengthened immune system.

Good reason # 3: Better digestion

Thanks to the absence of chemicals and synthetics and additives, the natural nutritional qualities of the foods that make up organic cat food are preserved. The animal is thus fed with the best quality proteins and fibers, but also with nutrients essential for good digestion.

This more digestible food is more easily assimilated by your body, facilitating your daily traffic and comfort while reducing inflammation of the digestive tract, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea. By preserving its natural digestion cycle thanks to these healthy products, the cat is in better shape overall.

Good reason number 4: more beautiful skin

The skin of a cat, like that of a dog or a human, largely reflects the condition of its body. Consequently, when the animal is fed a natural and high quality food, devoid of chemical components, synthesis, dyes and various additives, its epidermis is healthier.

The results are visible very quickly, because the skin of the little twink improves. It is more regular, more toned, softer. It helps to make your coat more silky and shiny. In addition, organic foods help to quickly reduce the effects of infections, allergies and skin diseases.

Instead of opting for drug treatments, a healthier organic diet is sometimes the key to relieving your little one.

Good reason n ° 5: a good way to prevent certain pathologies

Organic foods help to reduce skin disorders, as we mentioned above, but also diabetes, thanks to the absence of bad sugars, and kidney disorders. In fact, cat kidneys are very sensitive organs, especially to bad proteins. However, while supermarket diets are mostly made up of protein from inedible animal waste, organic diets are made with quality ingredients and real meat or fish.

Organic wet food is a great way to fight cat kidney problems. Accompany your daily ration of organic puree with clear, fresh water.

Finally, organic foods help to greatly reduce the risk of being overweight and obese. These disorders are often neglected while having devastating consequences for the health of the cat. Organic food is more satisfying and helps the animal to regulate its appetite and appetite, thus avoiding the excessive consumption of “empty” industrial products that fatten it.

Good reason n ° 6: an eco-responsible diet

By choosing to feed your pet organic food, you are helping to promote more environmentally friendly agriculture, free of chemicals and synthetic treatments. Greener, it has a more positive impact on sustainable development.

In addition, the animals from which organic food comes feed themselves on products from organic farming and are raised in conditions that are more respectful of their health, well-being and the environment. Because these animals are better fed and bred better, they are less ill and therefore less subject to pharmacological treatments that are then found in the cat’s diet.

Organic food for your cat: where to find it?

Organic cat food is developing and gaining an increasingly important place in the trade. However, its higher purchase price discourages many owners of tomcats, which does not allow it to differentiate itself from conventional industrial power supplies.

However, remember that organic foods are more satisfying. A croquette bag of the same weight as a standard feed container costs more, but is consumed in much longer! In the end, the difference in purchase price is offset by longer consumption and therefore by a subsequent replenishment. In addition, keeping your kitten in better health reduces veterinary costs!

The gain is double as the health of the cat is maintained and its owner can make big savings. Why hesitate?

Organic food is available in organic human stores, pet stores, veterinary surgeries and mostly on the internet, but they are starting to appear in supermarkets.

Be careful, though, to buy real organic food! Trust the organic label, which must be clearly indicated on the packaging of croquettes, purees or organic sweets. In fact, some manufacturers cheat by indicating that their product is organic when only one of its components is actually organic. Look for the AB label to find the right product and feel free to detail the ingredients on the package.

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